Tips for washing reusable nappies

Tips for washing reusable nappies

Our handy tips and trick for washing your reusable nappies

Follow our helpful advice and your reusable nappies will stay in tip-top condition for years to come. 

1. Turn down the temperature! A boiling hot wash is not ideal, or needed, for washing your TotsBots nappies. 60 degrees alongside a standard non-bio washing powder will effectively clean your nappies without reducing their performance.

A little note to avoid the baby cycle, as this can often be a 90degree boil wash and a no-no for reusable nappies.  If you're worried about bacteria or staining, sunshine is your best friend, even in winter. We get that drying time is important so you can tumble dry your nappies on a cool setting, though line drying is best. 

Keep your nappies away from direct heat, so no drying directly on radiators or other heat sources. Exposing nappies to extreme temperature's, whether it is in your washing machine, tumble drier, or on a radiator can affect the performance of your nappies & invalidate your warranty. Follow our care guide and your nappies could be used on lots more babies bums! 


2. Less is more. When it comes to choosing a washing detergent, non bio powder is best and will work wonders with the right wash programme. Our Potion detergent has been tried and tested and will make your nappies smell amazing too!

Stay clear of bio-powders, liquids, bleaches, sanitisers, stain removers, vinegars and sodium bicarbonates as these can damage the waterproof membrane, destroy elastics or cause fabric balding. Essentially, your nappies are waste catchers, so staying whiter than white their entire lifetime is pretty unrealistic, though a trusty fleece liner will help.

To get the best performance out of your nappies we recommend a cold rinse followed by a long 60 degree wash cycle with non bio powder. You can add in an extra rinse if you like.

Don't leave soiled nappies longer than 2 days before washing as this will decrease their lifespan and encourage stains and stinks to stick around. 


3. Prewashing. Don't put your nappies through the ringer before they've even graced your little one's bum! Pre-wash your nappies a couple of times before use to help them reach their full absorbency - a quick wash followed by a few continuous rinses will do. Remember to fold back your laundry tabs!

Once they've been used, all you need to do is pop them in your machine, rinse, then do a long wash before hanging up to dry.  No need to soak or prewash each time. Excessive laundering can damage the nappies and cause them to become a bit worse for wear. Side-affects include: balding fabrics, slack elastic, worn membrane, shrinking and leaking.

To keep your reusable nappies happy and full of life, follow our nappy wash advice, read more in our care guide here

Tips for washing reusable nappies