Tips for baby’s first swimming lesson

Child rolling on floor wearing TotsBots reusable washable swim nappy playing with orange rubber ring

With summer looking like it’s not about to make swift comeback, why not head to the swimming pool for a splashing good time and to create some of the best memories teaching your little one to swim! 

Did you know swimming is one of the best activities you can do with your baby? Swim classes are great for one-on-one bonding time with your mini human, building their water confidence and improving cognitive and muscle development!

Getting ready for baby first swim lesson

If you’re a new mum or dad preparing for your bubba’s first swim lesson, it’s totally normal to be a little unsure of what to pack especially in the mad rush to get to the class! But don’t worry, we’ve created a swim bag checklist to make sure your lesson goes swimmingly…

  • Coins for a locker!
  • Reusable swim nappy (so your water baby can swim in style!)
  • Your own swimsuit or underwear if you’ve put your swimsuit on under your clothes
  • Happy mat to keep changing times cosy and comfortable
  • A towel (for you)
  • Waterproof Nappy bag for your used nappies
  • Baby poncho or dressing gown to keep your teeny tot warm and snug
  • Reusable nappy to change into after swimming
  • Extra clothes (just in case)
  • Snacks for on the way home!

Why use a reusable swim nappy?  

A swim nappy keeps accidental poos in the nappy and is usually a requirement for leisure centres. Unfortunately, toddler/baby swimming costumes and everyday disposable nappies don’t offer any leak protection.


All about TotsBots swim nappies

Our TotsBots washable swim nappies have been carefully designed to ensure your baby is happy and comfortable splashing in the water and that there are no accidental leaks:

Easy Hook & loop fastening

Making change time easier and mess-free!  The adjustable waistband also ensures a good fit and will grow with your baby while keeping anything that happens in the swim nappy…in the swim nappy.  


Gentle leg elastic  

Delicate on the baby’s skin, the stretchy fit helps keep your tot comfortable and prevents chaffing, both in and out of the water.


Soft fleece Interior

The fleece liner doesn't absorb water, so your little one can enjoy learning to swim without being weighed down.  


Recycled waterproof outer

Did you know the waterproof fabric used for our washable nappies is made from two plastic bottles? So not only will you be reducing single-use waste by swapping from disposables, but you'll be raising an eco-hero too! 


Two sizes

  • Size 1:  Fits 10-20lbs
  • Size 2:  Fits 20-35lbs

PSA: You'll only need two swim nappies, and most of our customers buy Size 2, which tends to fit until tots are potty trained – winning!


Fabric & care

After a fun swim class, throw the swim nappy into the wash at 40 degrees with non-bio powder. Once clean, pop on your washing line or tumble dry on a cool setting.


Ready to get your little one feeling at home in the water? Dive into a swimming routine and check out our colour swim nappies now. 

We love seeing your little ones rocking their new TotsBots, so remember to tag us at @totsbots, and we’ll share the splashiest ones on our stories.

Child rolling on floor wearing TotsBots reusable washable swim nappy playing with orange rubber ring