The year of reusable wipes

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The year of reusable wipes

Reusable wipes and making the switch

It’s time to talk reusable wipes. Everyone has been so focused on the chemical and environmental issues with nappies and meanwhile the obsession with throwaway wipes has gotten out of control.

In addition to being a big issue for the environment with enough disposable wipes to cover two football pitches found washed up in the River Thames last month and research showing that wet wipes count for around 93% of the material that causes sewer blockages, there is now cause for concern about the chemicals in wet wipes after latest findings link them to allergies.

Wet wipes are contributing to childhood food allergies, finds study’* The Independent printed this story back in April 2018 after US researchers hailed a “major advance in our allergy understanding” showing they can develop after repeat skin contact in an area where soaps have stripped the natural oils from the skin. It warns us that if you don’t wipe the surface of your child’s skin after using a wipe the chemicals can diminish the natural oils until allergy-causing chemicals can penetrate the skin of your child. Raising the risk of developing food allergies later in life. Next time you pick up a pack take a look, we have just counted 17 chemicals on the back of some supermarket wipes that claim to be for sensitive skin!

They are something that was never an item in your shopping trolley before children but have become a weekly staple, and you lose your mind if at the time of changing you have forgotten to pack them. If you have ever found yourself in that position having to revert to using toilet paper to clean your tots bot you will be all too familiar with the paper crumb bum mess that it can make, cotton wool can be just as bad especially with icky poo, so what’s the alternative? Reusable wipes are.

We had found that when we started doing the cutting layouts for our new bamboozle print nappies, we were left with scrap bundles of unutilized fabric that were the perfect size to make reusable wipes. Happy days as in addition to creating products that reduce waste, we pride ourselves on creating as little waste as possible from our processes and these little squares do both!

We have two types of reusable wipes for now, gorgeous fluffy little squares of cotton or bamboo, one for bottoms and one for faces… you really don’t want to get those confused do you! Simply use water, nothing else and as your washing your cloth nappies anyway you can just throw your reusable wipes in with your wash. Easy!

Check out our full range of reusable wipes here, prices start at £8.95 for a pack of 10.

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The year of reusable wipes