The TotsBots' Guide to Drying Your Reusable Nappies in the Winter

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Baby wearing a reusable nappy standing beside a toy washing machine

It’s dark by 4 pm and you’ve had a minimum of 2 layers on for about 3 months now. Not to mention your reusable nappies are taking longer to dry.. We’re officially over you, winter!

If you’re rationing the central heating (like us!), you'll have noticed how much longer nappies take to dry indoors during the winter.  Hanging your freshly-washed nappies out on a breezy hot day isn’t an option right now, and with rising energy costs hitting the headlines (and our pockets!) we’re here to help.

We’ve gathered some wisdom from our in-house TotsBots nappy experts and our lovely Facebook community to bring you some tips and tricks on how to get those fluffy cloth nappies and reusable liners dry quickly and efficiently.


Can I use a heated airer to dry my reusable nappies?

Yes – this is a great option. They’re relatively cheap to run and you can pick one up for less than £40. Win!

If you’re using a heated airer to dry reusable nappies, we recommend putting a clean tea towel or a muslin cloth between the heated elements and the nappies so that you don’t damage them.

Will a dehumidifier speed up the drying process?

Absolutely – dehumidifiers work to remove moisture from the air so your nappies will dry quicker than they would without one.

Is it safe to put my reusable nappies in the tumble dryer?

As long as you use a low temperature setting, you can dry your fluffy TotsBots stash in the tumble drier. It’s super convenient but worth remembering that the cost is around double that of a heated airer.

I don’t have a lot of space – what’s the best way to dry my reusable nappies?

When space is limited, you can use the heat from your radiator to speed up the drying process. As with the heated airer, we’d recommend not placing the washed nappies directly onto the heat. Instead, use a drying rack that hooks over the radiator or pop your nappies on a clothes horse and place it in front of it.  

Eek! I’m getting condensation indoors – how can I avoid it?

Condensation is a pain in the fluffy bum. Unfortunately, it’s super common in the winter when you’re drying laundry indoors. Here are some great ways to help reduce the condensation:

  • Increase airflow in the area where you’re drying your reusable nappies by spacing things out and opening the windows every now and then (if it’s not too chilly!).
  • Invest in a dehumidifier! These nifty machines are great at removing moisture from the air and can make a real difference.
  • Don’t dry too much at once – the amount of moisture in the air will increase and so will the likelihood of condensation.

We hope you’ve found this information on drying reusable nappies in the winter helpful! If you’ve got any questions or would like to give us some tips or tricks, head on over to our super knowledgeable and supportive TotsBots community on Facebook.

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Baby wearing a reusable nappy standing beside a toy washing machine