The Renz Nest review our reusable sanitary pads

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Reusable Sanitary Pads

Jess from The Renz Nest, reviews our Bloom and Nora reusable sanitary pads, and the verdict? Why didn't she try them sooner!

Jess' blog 'The Renz Nest' focusses on waste, and in particular her mission to phase out single-use plastics at home and in her daily life. So we thought she was perfect to give reusable sanitary pads a try! Here's what she thought. 

''Why have I not switched to these sooner? I guess I never approached the topic too often and then never committed to making those sustainable changes. And then I got pregnant, which put a spanner in the works for well over a year. But I urge you all to think about it, particularly those of you who prefer using pads. It reduced my waste massively over the course of a week and was super easy for me to throw them into a nappy wash.'' Those who try them, don't go back, don't put it off, be prepared for your next flow and try Bloom and Nora reusable sanitary pads. 


''For those who don’t have nappies to wash… all it took was a short cold wash, before adding other clothing items and washing as per usual. I was concerned about having to dispose of items after use (and ‘storing’ with dirty laundry), but the trial kit provides you with an ‘Out & About’ bag, perfect for sticking in the bathroom (or a handbag when out for that day), hiding items and then throwing into the wash without any further touching or sorting.'' It's really that easy. We get asked a lot about what to do with the pads, and the process is simple, simply wash and re-use. jess tried both of our types and '' Rest assured, both repel stains when washed and dried correctly.''

''I really do highly rate these products and recommend investing in the trial kit to see what works best for you. More so, I urge mothers of daughters to invest in these for their own children. I strongly believe that we should be providing and educating our children to try the best, most sustainable option for our cycles.''

These are just some snippets of the great things jess had to say about our reusable sanitary pads, read the full review here, and take Jess's advice try a trial kit today. 

Reusable Sanitary Pads