The magic of muslin cloths

The magic of muslin cloths

10 reasons why muslin cloths are a must have baby item

Introducing the newest addition to the TotsBots family, 100% Organic cotton muslin cloths in our Matchy Matchy prints. Any parent will tell you about the magic of the muslin cloth; an essential baby item that you’ll fall in love with from day one. You can never have too many and you will find yourself using them for absolutely anything and everything, not just in the drooling years but for years and years to come, even once baby has outgrown them. These little squares of loveliness are GOTS certified, meaning there are no toxic chemicals, bleaches or dyes used in the entire production process so you can have peace of mind there are no nasties near your baby. They make the perfect baby gift for new parents too…(wink wink to anyone expecting), and come in handy for a whole host of situations and here are our top 10:

1 – Burping – Without a doubt, muslin cloths are an absolute burp time must have. Morning burping, evening burping, dashing out the door but no time to change burping, muslins have been saving suits for years. Drape over your shoulder when burping or cuddling to protect your clothes from any baby dribbles. Dish one out to visitors too when they are holding baby to save them having to wipe down their t-shirts in the kitchen sink.

2 – Comforting – Gorgeously soft to the touch it’s no surprise that a muslin cloth is such a comfort for baby, he’ll take this little cloth everywhere, clutch onto it for years and the great thing is, when one is in the wash or one gets lost, there’s a stack waiting to fill the gap. 

3 – An organic newborn nappy – These 70cm x 70cm squares make the perfect nappy for any newborn, soft next to delicate bums, simply fold up into a pad and cover with a waterproof Bamboozle wrap for a perfect fit from day one.

4 – Teething – Ease the painful experience for your tiny toot with a muslin cloth, comforting and soft to suck on, or wrap a frozen cube of milk inside for them to chew on and soothe sore gums.

5 – Cover up when out and about – A lot of mums can feel shy about breastfeeding and fear feeding time when out and about, but don’t worry, take a muslin out of your change bag and tuck it into your bra strap for a little extra cover. Muslins really are a breastfeeding mum’s best friend if you want to be discreet when feeding.

6 – Sunshade – Keep baby cool when it’s hot and sunny outside. Lightweight and breathable, a muslin cloth is a great way to give baby some shade when they are in the pram without raising the temperature underneath.

7 – Boy pee shield – Anyone with boys will have experienced it…the pee fountain, unpredictable and unstoppable. A trick we’ve learned over the years is once that nappy is off, pop a muslin cloth over baby so any free-flowing pee is contained to the change mat and isn’t all over you. This also helps with babies who do not like to be naked when getting changed, quickly covering baby with a muslin while you’re changing is a comfort at change time and reduces stress all round.

8 – A game - Peek-a-boo has been a household favourite for generations, fun for all the family; who knew hiding behind a muslin cloth could bring such hours of fun!

9 – Doll’s accessory - Like many of our reusable nappies, muslin cloths make great additions to the toy box. The ideal size for snuggling dolly up for their nap or giving teddy a dress to wear.

10 - Repurpose – Once baby outgrows peek-a-boo, repurpose muslins into dishcloths, dusters, face cloths, the list is endless.

Muslin cloths can make a world of difference in your everyday parenting life, by your side through sick and thin (couldn't resist the pun there!), from a super soft comforter saving your favourite jeans from milk dribbles. Who would have known a simple square piece of organic fabric could become something you can’t live without. Have a muslin within arm’s reach for years to come and you are sorted for whatever the day throws at you. Take a look at our Muslin Cloth 5 packs here and show us what you use yours for tag #totsbots on Instagram.

The magic of muslin cloths