The Enchanted Mother reviews our reusable sanitary pads

The Enchanted Mother reviews reusable sanitary pads

Quality, soft reusable sanitary pads

With the launch of our new print range for Bloom & Noras reusable sanitary pads, we were happy to invite some of our real nappy mums to try out our new vintage boudoir range. Amy from The Enchanted Mother had tried reusable sanitary pads before but had not found a brand that she liked, preferring her cup. We wanted to see if we could win her round with our reusable sanitary pads.

Amy’s First reaction:

They are so soft, unlike any other reusable sanitary pads I have tried before. I am absolutely delighted to tell you that they feel amazing on too. Sturdy seems a strange way to describe them, but they are, they stay in place perfectly. This is what has put me off other reusable sanitary pads, they don't seem to stay still, making it uncomfortable to wear, but I was so impressed with these. You do need to wear a decent fitting pair of pants with these though, but if your anything like me you have those special ones reserved for the period week, ha!

Choosing your pad size:

I found them comfortable to wear, the maxi size was just the right length, and it was 5 hours before I needed to change it, which I thought was pretty good for the first heavy bleed.

I don’t tend to have a heavier flow at night time, but the extra length of the Mighty Pad is a bonus so I tried this one out overnight. The reusable sanitary pad stayed in place and there were no leaks at all. I would be happy wearing this during the day too if needed.

After the first day, I switched to the Midi pad and found this was my favourite. Again it was around 5 hours before I needed to change it.

I will say it again, they are soo soft. I didn't use my menstrual cup so I could fully test these out and I found them really great to use the whole way through. At the end of my period, I went with the mini reusable sanitary pad, this was also comfy, but I definitely prefer the longer pad length of the Midi. This is completely down to personal preference though and the mini is actually great for those lighter days at the end of your period.

What was the verdict.

Amy was a convert! She was given a kit of 8 pads to try and she loved them so much she is off to purchase another 2 of the Midi to cover her for her whole period, taking into account she will be washing every 2/3 days.

Our recommendation: Testing the products out and finding what works for you is vital, after all every period is different and every person is different. Our trial packs enable you to do just that, once you are happy with which pad suits you best you can then design your own kit to create the perfect period companion. Give reusable sanitary pads a go and soon you will be having a cycle in comfort and style too, pick up a trial pack today.    

The Enchanted Mother reviews reusable sanitary pads