Talking Cloth Nappies with Cecilia Leslie

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Our TotsBots journey started over 17 years ago when the first reusable nappy prototype was designed and we love hearing stories from those who have been with us since the early days.  Cecilia Leslie has been using cloth nappies for all four of her children so is a bit of a cloth nappy guru, and will happily pass on her advice to those who are just starting out. She recently took over our Instagram account to share her hints and tips and to show just how easy using cloth nappies really is. We managed to catch up with her and two of her four children at TotsBots HQ this summer. It was lovely to meet one of our customers and ask a bit about her reasons for choosing cloth nappies for her children. Here’s what she had to say…


What inspired you choose cloth nappies?

When I had my first baby 11 years ago, I disliked throwing away so many disposables every day so I half heartedly decided to try cloth nappies. If I am honest , it looked like a ridiculous amount of work to add to my already busy day, but I was willing to give it a go.

I borrowed some from a friend to try, my first impressions were great and I could feel they were more comfortable for his bottom , it saved me money and my household waste was reduced.

It turned out it wasn't really that much more work, very achievable once you find a routine.

When my second baby was born in 2008, my 1st was only 20 months and in cloth full time. I had a wobble for the first couple of months whilst I learnt to be a mum to 2; but soon we got back on track and cloth bummed both babies full time. My 3rd baby came along in 2014 and in cloth full time up to potty training and now she uses cloth for night time only. My 4th baby now 9 months is in cloth full time.


Why did  you chose to use TotsBots?

My friend gave me 3 brands to try all those 11 years ago, TotsBots was by far my favourites as they were the softest and fluffier and they also dried super fast, essential as we lived in a flat back then.


What is your favourite nappy type?

My favourite TotsBots has to be the Bamboozle.

My first baby was a pee monster and heavy wetter, the ONLY nappy on the market at that time that coped with his peeing tricks was a TotsBots Bamboozle and so our love affair with Bamboozles began.

We used Bamboozles almost full time with both first and second babies, third and fourth baby use Bamboozles for night time.

Along the years the Bamboozles have evolved and been perfected to what they are today. But they have remained to us the most reliable nappy in our stash to date with all 4 babies.


What surprised you about using cloth, and is there anything that you found easier than you originally thought?

What surprised me most has been the fact they are so much easier to clean than I originally thought. I had visions of boiling nappies in a big pot and pricking fingers trying to put a pin to fasten it.

In real life, our washing machine is so efficient it does all the work for me plus no pins are needed.


We love following Cecilia’s beautifully colourful and inspiring instagram journey, check out her instagram account and blog to see more!




cloth nappy shelf