Taking Your Baby Swimming

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baby swimming

Nothing reminds you more that you have just had a baby than trying to squeeze into last year’s swimsuit.  You feel thankful that you went for the one with a built-in tummy panel to hold in the wobbly bits and you dig out the razor that hasn’t had much use since you stopped being able to see over your bump to know what you are doing.  Three hours later, you pack your bags full, and then add in some extra bits and before you know it you are off to the swimming pool with one baby, one suitcase and a giant inflatable under your arm.

You think you are ready to leave the house, but have you remembered . . .

More than one swim nappy? You can guarantee that your ‘like clockwork’ child decides that the relaxing buzz of a public pool and the calming scent of chlorine will help ease their bowels.  Best to pack a spare swim nappy. The great thing is the TotsBots swims are re-usuable so if you do have a last minute poop, no problem.  Have you seen our new prints?  

Bribery for afterwards is a must if you have started weaning.  Swimming is exhausting for little ones and they are not going to let you lever yourself back into your jeans without a little treat.  For smaller babies you may have no choice but to sit down half dressed and feed in the cubicle!

Comfy loose post swimming outfit Nobody wants to be wrangling a slightly damp eight-legged baby* back into tights or a button up shirt. Babygrows are perfect, if it is warm enough for just a vest then even better! (And a TotsBots nappy of course)  *baby may only have two legs but it doesn’t seem that way when you are trying to dress them!

Out of the mouths of babes! Something to distract a toddler is very important if you have a talker. There is nothing more embarrassing than having to answer loud requests for information on pubic hair, stretch marks and boobs. Keep that mouth busy with the snacks you packed earlier!

Enjoy it!! May seem obvious but swimming can be stressful. Especially when you weigh up the hour you spend in the changing rooms, the ninja style stealth creep into to pool to hide the post birth baby lumps and bumps, the last minute poopy nappy change, the impromptu demand for a feed when baby sees those boobies, compared to the ten minutes actually in the pool.  Swimming with a baby is a fun bonding experience and it really tires them out (think of the nap afterwards!!).

Hope it goes swimmingly.

baby swimming