Sustainable New Year’s Resolutions (you can actually keep!)

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Parent holding baby considering sustainable new years resolutions

Why make sustainable resolutions?

The chaos of Christmas has finally subsided, the decorations are in the loft and you’re only finding the odd bit of tinsel in the carpet. Weary of last month’s over-consumption (and still feeling the pinch!), we’ve decided to list some sustainable resolutions that’ll last us into 2023 and beyond, while also helping out the planet!

Buying more sustainably

You’ve seen someone on Instagram show off their new Scandi high-chair and your immediate response is to ‘add to cart’. Before you splurge though, consider that someone’s else’s tot has outgrown theirs and is selling it second hand online. If you don’t find what you’re looking for straight away, you can set alerts on sites like Gumtree so you know when it’s available. Bargain!

More Family Time

We all spend too much time online (without really meaning to!) and reaching for a screen to scroll is a hard habit to kick. Our second sustainable resolution is to schedule in some dedicated (offline) family time. Whether it’s in the lull between dinner and bath-time or making breakfast waffles together on Sunday mornings, we’re switching off the screens to spend quality time together.


If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already trying to do your bit for the environment by choosing reusable nappies. Good for you! You’re already helping to make a dent in the billions of disposable nappies that end up in landfill every year. It doesn’t have to stop there - apps like Vinted and Depop sell pre-loved clothes for a fraction of what they cost new. It’s also worthwhile popping into your local charity shop; where a good rummage can often result in a great find!

Enriching habits

Now you’ve set aside some screen-free time, why not choose to pick up some enriching, long-format content (a book!). Set aside some time to wind down after the tots are tucked in before getting stuck into that new series on Netflix.  Sites like World of Books sell a great selection of second-hand books and they’re also carbon neutral. can you sustain your sustainable resolutions?

Becoming a parent can be tough enough without putting undue pressure on yourself. But by making sustainable resolutions that, over time, become sustainable habits, you’ll be well on your way to a more sustainable 2023 and a more sustainable lifestyle!

Parent holding baby considering sustainable new years resolutions