Sun, Sea and Swim nappies

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Sun Sea and Swim nappies

How to reduce waste and save space with swim nappies

It is that time of year, suns out swim nappies out! The suitcase is packed and you are sat on top wondering how it will ever close, we all know the feeling. If you're looking for a way to save space in your case, then swim nappies are a great choice for your baby's holiday wardrobe. The biggest bonus for any parent packing for a holiday with a baby is to find something that means they can take less stuff away with them, not more! Swapping from disposable to reusable nappies means you only need 2 swim nappies rather than a whole pack. One pack of nappies will do you for one holiday but 2 reusable swim nappies will keep you going until your little swimmer is potty trained.

There is nothing worse than unwanted little friends in the pool, but with our swim nappies, you are guaranteed a floater free zone! Our clever little design with snug leg and waist fit has a hook and loop fastening for any poo emergencies (if you have ever tried to change a poopy disposable pull up, you will know the drama that can be avoided.) Containment was never so important than when it could save you from ultimate holiday embarrassment and the peace of mind leaves you free to make waves with your baby.

Babies with sensitive skin will love them too, we know we wouldn't like to wear plastic pants to swim in so instead of scratchy chaffing materials, opt for fluffy soft fabrics in TotsBots swim nappies. Your baby will love them.

Using them is really simple, pop in a disposable liner and fasten around your baby’s waist. That is it! You're ready to go and have fun. When it comes to changing the little splasher, pop the liner in the bin and wash the nappy with the rest of your laundry, dry and off you go. This is why it's always good to have a spare. Wash, dry, re-wear.

Check out the range here Totsbots reusable swim nappies here, now in a range of beautiful new prints so your little one will be too cool for the pool. 

Sun Sea and Swim nappies