Summer Solstice - Ways to make the most of the longest day.

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Oh hello summer, where have you been? We couldn’t be happier to have you back and with the Summer Solstice this week meaning the longest day of the year we can’t wait to make the most of it (please can you join us Mr Sun?).

So how are you going to make the most of a full day of daylight? Here are some of our favourite ways;

1) Washing
Ok so this may not sound like the most exciting way to celebrate Summer’s arrival, but stay with us. Think of how many loads you can wash and dry on the line with that much daylight? Empty washing baskets are something of an urban myth for most parents, but this may be the closest we come! Plus nappies on the line always cheer us up.

2) BBQ
Lighter evenings mean that whenever you like to eat your dinner it is still light enough for a barbeque! All the mess outside is very appealing and there is something so delicious about fresh corn on the cob!

3) A Day Trip
If school and work aren’t constraining you then this is the perfect day for a day trip as you can leave and return whilst it is still light. Take a picnic to the beach, go exploring in the woods, go and surprise relatives with a visit. Stone Henge is open to the public on the 21st and 22nd June too. Any excuse for an adventure!

4) A Glass of Wine
Or an ice cold pint, or a refreshing orange juice, whatever your tipple of choice, it is the perfect evening to sit outside once the little people are in bed and enjoy a drink and some peace. The sun sets around 9:20pm depending on your exact location and it is a lot more fun to catch than the sunrise which is before 5am!

5) Move to the Arctic for the day
This one may not be so achievable but it is the only day where they experience 24 hours of daylight and we think that would be pretty amazing to witness!