Starting your new baby’s life in soft reusable newborn nappies

Starting your new baby’s life in soft reusable newborn nappies

Times are changing; it's time to ditch disposable newborn nappies.

Having a newborn is an exciting new adventure for any parent but entering a world of newborn nappies before your baby even arrives, can be a daunting one.

We have met so many real parents over the years who love reusable nappies and wish they had used them from birth but didn’t have the confidence to make the switch from the outset. We wanted to explore the reasons many people feel reusables are going to be 'too much hassle' as newborn nappies and stop your mind from being swayed by 'convenience.'

Timing! When it comes to anything new in your life, a change in routine is always tricky, but you soon take it all in your stride. If you know a significant change is happening it is much easier to make the right decision from day one than to start doing one thing and then have to retrain your brain on a different method after a few months. With reusable nappies, we know from experience that if you start on the road to cloth straight away, you will fall in love with them. Your little one is going to create washing, adding some reusable newborn nappies to the pile is not going to create a noticeable increase in ‘work’. It’s worth noting that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing either. Go at your own pace. With first babies, everything is new so starting your journey together with reusable newborn nappies means once in a routine you won't know any different. `plus you will be thankful when your baby’s car seat is poo free, confused?

If you haven't heard of a poonami then consider this a blessing, with new babies, this is one of life's inevitabilities, this is unless you use reusable nappies. The fit of our newborn nappies is designed to keep all poosplosions contained. The soft and gentle elasticated waistband will become your favourite pal as it protects your baby’s clothes from the up the back mustardy yellow poo stains by merely holding the poo where it is meant to be, in the nappy!

As you begin your journey to parenthood, the sheer cost of all the baby products you can convince yourself into buying can be astronomical. Did you know our Newborn Baby Kit costs less than you would spend on disposables? Plus, the joy of reusable products means you could sell them on or keep them for another baby, making them even more economical and eco-friendly.

It’s not just saving money or the planet that you should consider when choosing the best newborn nappy for your baby. Reusable nappies are free of chemicals and gentle next to your little one’s delicate skin, so less likely to cause nappy rash. It’s worth an extra couple of wash loads a week to ensure the softest and safest fabrics are next to your baby’s bum! It will keep them comfortable for the 2.5 years they are likely to be in nappies.

Go on, be an eco-parent and start your baby journey with reusable newborn nappies from TotsBots and spend time to save time.

Starting your new baby’s life in soft reusable newborn nappies