Staging your own Newborn photoshoot - tips and tricks

Oh new babies, the scent, those tiny fingers, they are just so intoxicating and we all want to be able to bottle up that freshness. The next best thing is definitely trying to capture it on camera, and whilst many pay out for a photoshoot, there is nothing to stop you trying something at home as well.

If you are expecting a new baby and want to try your hand at a home photoshoot, then there are a few simple things that can make your photos great. Between day 5 and 10 is ideal as they are still sleepy and you can capture them before they really start to change.

Firstly, think about how you want the baby to look. Every parent takes photos pretty much daily when they have a new baby, but the idea of a photoshoot is to capture him or her completely. Taking the photos in just a nappy means you get to see that little belly button, those tiny feet, the rolls in their legs and all those other adorable features. TotsBots nappies come in so many colours and prints that they can be matched to any theme, or you can go for a simple white teenyfit. (If you have a winter newborn then remember to crank the heating right up, or borrow a small heater to put right next to the baby.)

The time of day is the next thing and choosing to take your snaps in daylight hours will allow them to be clearer and to capture colour more truly. Choose a well-lit part of your home to set up and play around with direction to find the best lighting. If you have a bay window, then they provide a huge amount of natural light. If you can get away without having any lightbulbs on then do, as they can add a yellow glow to a picture.

As babies spend most of the early weeks asleep, then this seems the ideal way to photograph them, although you may want to see those bright little eyes too. Time your photoshoot for when they are generally most settled (if you have that much of a routine). Consider getting a white noise app on your phone and hiding it under a blanket as it may help them fall asleep or stay asleep.

There are so many different styles of newborn photography, all just as beautiful as each other. Whatever you fancy doing, make sure you clear all clutter out of your shot. You want your baby to be the star of the shot. You may then want to add in some favourite toys, a special blanket or an adorable hat, you may want to keep it simple.

Think about the poses. You don’t want to be shooting up the baby’s nose, you want to capture their sweet features and tiny toes. Have a look at newborn photos you love on the internet and try and copy the angle. Make sure you can see the whole of their sweet face, that it is all in focus. Trial and error is important, take several shots and see what worked best.

Beautiful shots can be taken on a camera phone or on a DSLR. A great photograph is about finding great light, the right composition and the perfect subject. If you have a DSLR then have a play around with the exposure compensation and try with the aperture around 1.8-2.8 for a blurred background. Whatever you are using for your photos, taking them with the flash off is really important.

After you have taken your photos, you may want to crop them, add text or turn them black and white. Picmonkey is a great free website that allows you to play around with your photos, making edits and collages.