As spring begins...

As Spring begins and the little green shoots start to poke through the ground, it seems there is new life everywhere. Everywhere we look we see beautiful baby bumps of all shapes and sizes and it got us thinking, are any of the old wives tales true?

The sex of the baby is usually able to be identified from roughly 16 weeks by ultrasound, but can you tell just by looking at someone what they are having?

Apparently boys are carried all out front and girls you gain weight all over.

Boys are supposed to have a lower heart rate and girls higher when the midwife listens in with a doppler

A craving for sweet things?  Prepare for a girl.  Salt and savoury take your fancy and you are growing a little boy.

If your skin is glowing and your hair is shiny and strong it is likely a boy, but these baby girls steal your beauty so dry skin and limp hair may mean a girly bundle.

Dangle your wedding ring on a piece of string over your bump, if it swings from side to side you are having a boy and if it moves in a circle then expect a girl.

How was your first trimester? Lots of morning sickness is supposed to be a sign you are growing a girl.

If your right breast looks bigger than your left then it is a boy and vice versa for a girl.

We are pretty certain that most of it is made up but if you are desperate to find out early then give them a go and let us know what your prediction is!  We asked some of the team whether they were able to predict the gender of their little ones using these methods and here are their results:

Becky found that the heart rate was the opposite for her four, the boys had much higher heart rates than her girl. The skin was spot on though, three glowing pregnancies followed by one where she looked and felt like a zombie!

Amanda found that her morning sickness was definitely worse with her girl pregnancy but she craved sweet with a boy and savoury with a boy dispelling that myth.

Jill’s pregnancies were pretty much identical which meant nobody guessed that her second bump was a little girl growing.

Fiona tried the needle over the bump trick which had a 100% success rate, but the biggest giveaway for her was cravings, bananas for a boy and oranges for a girl!