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Newborn baby sleeping

If you, like many other parents, are keen to encourage your baby to sleep for longer periods of time at night (and dare we even say the words "sleep through the night" shhhh), then the last thing you want is your baby waking up because your night nappies have leaked. There you'll be at 3 am, eyes wide shut, and brain half engaged with a screaming wet baby and a bed to change. Not good.

While sleep training can help for some, you also need to ensure that your baby's night nappy is leak-proof and comfortable enough to enable them to sleep better. In this blog, we'll chat about when is best to start giving reusable night nappies a go and what you'll need to hopefully get you off on the road to sweet dreams all round. 

When is best to start and what will I need? 

Some parents will start with cloth at night as soon as they start with reusables, others will wait until baby is a bit bigger and they feel a bit more confident with everything. It is entirely up to you, all we would say is do what suits you, there is no rush. When you are ready to try reusable night nappies here’s what you will need:  

  • a nappy  
  • a stay dry liner to keep baby's bum dry 
  • a waterproof nappy cover (also known as a wrap)  
  • and some bum cream for extra protection.  

The Nappy 

The absorbent bit. A fitted, sized nappy is best as opposed to a one size nappy. There is always a compromise on fit (that can result in leaks) with a one size nappy and you don't want to risk that especially overnight. You also need to choose a nappy that has enough absorbency if you want it to last through the night, so, aim for the stars, land on the moon, and get yourself a nappy that will give up to 12 ours overnight absorbency. Enter The Bamboozles from TotsBots, the best reusable night-time nappy and with the awards to prove it. Made in the UK from super absorbent bamboo with a hidden layer of microfibre in the core and when teamed up with the Bamboozle wrap, it can hold up to four times its own weight to ensure that even the heaviest wetters have a dry night. Leak-proof, comfortable, and breathable it's hopefully a good night’s sleep for baby, and for you. The size one fits from birth to 16 lbs and the size 2 fits from 9lbs up to potty training on most. 

The Stay Dry Liner 

We always recommend using Fleece liners; they are much more substantial than paper liners, they are super soft, and act as a brilliant one-way layer in the nappy. The liquid passes through the stay dry fleece and into the absorbent bamboo core where it stays until change time, keeping baby dry and comfortable. 

The Waterproof Nappy Cover 

This is the bit that keeps all the wetness in and everything else dry. TotsBots waterproof wraps (known as the Bamboozle Wrap) come in 3 sizes and are made from recycled plastic bottles, diverting 2 bottles for every wrap from landfill. They are super soft, with waterproof leg binding to prevent leaks and also have adjustable poppers on the front to grow with baby and fit for longer to save you having to buy lots of sizes. The wrap doesn't need to be washed after every change, you can reuse it with the next nappy. Typically, we would recommend the ratio of 1 wrap for every 4 nappies.  

Bum Cream  

They are not essential but can give you peace of mind if you are at all worried about night-time nappy rash. There are lots of bum creams out there and we don't have any favourites, all we would advise is, for ones that are very greasy, don't get them on the nappy as they can coat them and affect absorbency. This is another reason to use fleece liners as they help protect the nappies from bum cream adhesion.  


Using TotsBots Bamboozles for night-time is the ultimate night-time parenting hack. Not only will you save money in the long run, but you'll also help the environment and most importantly, ensure that your baby has a comfortable and peaceful sleep. So, don't be afraid to give them a go, you'll be so glad you did.

Feel free to give us a shout if you'd like any more advice on switching to reusable night nappies. You can email us at, give us a call 0141 774 6437 or catch a hold of our fabby customer service guru Laura on our webchat.  

Newborn baby sleeping