Scottish Baby box cloth nappies are a Teenyfit success!

Scottish Baby box cloth nappies are a Teenyfit success!

Cloth nappies from birth - A real mummy's story with help from the Scottish Baby Box

When you have a new baby cloth nappies may be far from your mind but did you know that TotsBots, with help from the Scottish Baby Box scheme, is encouraging families to give them a go, free of charge from day one. Introducing cloth nappies to every new baby in Scotland is an incredible collaboration that we are very proud to be a part of.

Meet, new mummy to Elsie who has been using the cloth nappies from day one and wanted to share her story with you all:

'When we found out we were having baby number two, we decided we would love to use cloth nappies from birth. We used TotsBots cloth nappies with our first son, (I loved the Bamboozle wrap and inserts for him) but we didn't start until he was 4 or 5 weeks old. One of the major attractions for using cloth nappies from birth is that they are so super soft against baby’s skin, and they are totally chemical-free. Just before she was due, TotsBots also started to use recycled material to make their nappies, so I was even more encouraged to use them.

Because we live in Scotland, we were able to get a TeenyFit nappy via the Scottish Baby Box scheme. We filled in the form, posted it off and a week or so later a beautiful tiny wrap and five absorbent pads arrived on our doorstep. I was so excited, and after prewashing, they went straight into the hospital bag to be Elsie’s first nappy. I can't give them enough praise! The prints are beautiful, the inserts are soft, and they fit perfectly into a change bag – that's not even touching on the environmental impact.

Alongside the Baby Box nappy we have some TeenyFit Stars, an all in one – I find these are great for out and about as they are super easy to change. The velcro fastening means that the cloth nappies are as easy to use as disposables, they just go straight into the wash bucket/bag once they have been used and washed. I can't think of a reason not to use them! Washing takes an extra few minutes a week, and to be honest, I had forgotten how easy newborn poo is, just chuck the nappy straight into the wash, poo and all! I had also forgotten how much I love hanging nappies out to dry, it is so satisfying and seeing all the beautiful prints on the washing line is lovely.

It's crazy the number of nappies a newborn goes through, and to think that you can save 100's from entering landfill and sitting there for 500 years is impressive. It's an initial outlay, but they can be used on all your babies, or sold on and used by someone else. That's why the wrap and insert system is terrific for newborns too; the inserts just get changed each time, and the wrap gets wiped and used for few changes in a row, it's a really economical way for newborns especially. It doesn't have to be all or nothing either, even two a day can save over 700 nappies from entering landfill. We also use reusable wipes, they clean baby better and go right into the bucket with the nappies to be washed, it's a no brainer when using cloth nappies.

We're three weeks in now and have had no poo explosions and no leaky nappies. We are all trying to do our bit for the environment, and what better way than to start at birth, saving hundreds of nappies from going into landfill. Introducing these fantastic nappies via the baby box scheme is amazing, everyone in Scotland has the opportunity to see how easy using cloth nappies really is.

You can find out more about the Baby Box nappies by watching the demo movie here, and don’t worry if you don’t live in Scotland as you can still get your hands on this lovely little newborn nappy; it’s been so popular that  we added it to our range and for an absolute steal of a price too. The baby box nappies will fit for the first 3-4 months and are enough for up to 5 changes per day - all for the cost of 3 packs of disposable nappies. Just wash and go! Give cloth nappies a go today.

Scottish Baby box cloth nappies are a Teenyfit success!