Say "Peek-a-Boo" to the best ever Bamboozles!

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Reusable cloth nappies stacked on a nappy changing table

Our new Bamboozles are ready to fly the nest!

We’ve got those first-day-of-school jitters as we get ready to send our best Bamboozle yet out into the big wide world.

Like every parent, we think our little one is going to be top of the class, but since we’ve seen it win so many awards, we can’t be that delusional, right?  

Since the first cuddly-soft and super-squishy Bamboozle was born all the way back in 2006, it’s won gold in the Mother & Baby awards a stonking 11 times and become our best-selling nappy. We’re so proud of you, little one!

We’re not resting on our fluffy laurels though, and we’ve made some improvements that make the new Matchy Bamboozle an even better reason to ditch disposables and give cloth ago.

Feedback makes perfect

We’ve improved the fit and performance of the Bamboozle so your tot is comfortable no matter their size.

Hide ‘n’ Sleek!

We’ve made the Matchy Bamboozle’s waist tabs much stretch-ier, with hidden hook and loop for extra comfort on chubby bellies and better fit in the upper weight ranges.

Small; but perfectly formed

The size ones just got even cuter with an improved fit for even the teeniest of newborns to get you off to the best start with cloth.  No one size compromise here! The slimmer fit means fewer leaks and drier nights - even with tiny little legs.

Pop and Go!

Bamboozle wraps now have Pop & Tuck pockets for the pads to ensure they don’t move. It’s great for active babies and keeps the absorbency where it’s most needed. The wraps are made from recycled plastic and each one saves 2 bottles from landfill. Bee-lightful!

Look to the skies

We couldn’t let our new Bamboozles spread their wings without a cute new look, so the new Matchy range also comes in 3 colourful new prints.

Choose Lucky Ducks if you’re quackers for blue, Bumble if you think yellow is the bees knees or fluffy clouds if green is more your scene.  

Join in!

We’re buzzing with excitement to see what kind of a splash the new Bamboozles make so order yours now and tell us what you think! Remember to tag us in your posts (@totsbots) on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok as we love seeing your tots in TotsBots.

How to shop

The full collection is available to shop here now.

Reusable cloth nappies stacked on a nappy changing table