Save more with TotsBots Reusable nappies

Save more with TotsBots reusable nappies

Trustworthy reusable nappies, made to last

Our mission at TotsBots is to make beautiful reusable nappies that will stand the test of time, making a positive difference to the world that our children and grandchildren will grow up in. To prove that we weren't just blowing our own trumpet, we asked a few of our customers and Behind the Seams fans if they had used our nappies on more than one child, and we were bowled over at how many siblings had used the same set of TotsBots nappies. Buying one set of reusable nappies can save you over £750 per child, and they’re not just best for your wallet, they are best for your little one’s skin, and best for our planet too.

Esme & Ruby came to visit us with their mum and dad to talk about using reusable nappies. We love that their TotsBots nappies have graced the bums of both girls and are still going strong. Esme was a teeny bit shy (we get it – she’s never met us before) so her mum and dad helped her tell us a bit about what she thinks about cloth nappies and she and Ruby happily played together and smiled for the camera. It was lovely to see, and we loved chatting to them.

When we asked what Esme liked best about Ruby’s nappies, her dad told us that she loves picking out Ruby’s next nappy at change time. She is happy that she is sharing her cloth nappies with her sister, and we think that this is something to be proud of, for Esme, and for TotsBots. Sharing with siblings is sometimes a challenge for little people, but Esme was very happy to see her sister wearing the same nappies that she once wore, and we were even happier that the nappies her parents bought some three years ago are still in working order and saving even more nappies from landfill, with extra cost savings for them too.

Esme’s mum said that Esme is a great helper and also helps her to hang up the nappies to dry. She even has a Dazzle TeenyFit for her dolly! That’s not her favourite print though…while chatting to her we found out that her favourite is Kaleidoscope because of all the pretty colours.

We wondered what sort of nappy Esme would design for her sister to wear and she was excited to tell us that she would design one with dinosaurs and rainbows. Great choice if you ask us! We can see that she has a love of rainbows going by her top…we know a great ethical clothing brand that would also lover her design ideas (wink wink, Frugi

Using reusable nappies is important to reduce the amount of household waste but educating our children about a more sustainable lifestyle and zero-waste products is key for driving this change. We hope that if Esme & Ruby have children of their own one day, that they will be inspired by their parents to use reusable nappies too, and that they will pick TotsBots because they trust them and love the prints.

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Save more with TotsBots reusable nappies