Reusable wipes, a weaning week essential

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Reusable wipes a weaning week essential

Add some reusable wipes to your weaning week essential kit, for waste free weaning.

You’ve never seen anything like it, how can someone so small make such a mess… and so quickly, reusable wipes to the rescue for all weaning clean-ups! At about 6 months you’ll start introducing your little one to a variety of different foods and begin weaning onto solids. A messy business for everyone involved, food on the floor, all over the table and in everyone’s hair. Yes, a highchair with minimal nooks and crannies is worth the investment but what about the hands and face? Clean up in the kindest way possible with reusable wipes, made from natural cotton and bamboo fabrics they are free from chemicals and are much kinder to skin.

It’s only natural for babies to smoosh bananas onto their faces in the general mouth direction and smother yoghurt all over themselves, making it seem like there’s somehow more on the table than in their tummy. The rule ‘don’t play with your food’ doesn’t apply here, as there’s a lot of fun to be had with spaghetti; cute faces of disgust when trying out lemons; and days of food covered clothes are here as you try to get just one more mouthful in. Patience and persistence are key. It might take one, two or five tries before your little one likes sweet potato but don’t lose heart, just go with the flow. Your baby will regularly be covered in food, that’s when you need a little help in the form of baby wipes.

Not just for bums, reusable wipes will be your weaning saviour, otherwise you’ll need a large stock of disposable wipes to keep on top of things. Made to last so you’ll never run out, meaning no more last minute shopping trips and the days of eeking out the final few are gone. A comfort, especially just now, when going to the shops requires a lot of forward planning and disposable stocks can be low.

They’ll do a much better clean up job than disposables and without the need for chemicals, TotsBots wipes are tough on crumbs but kind to you and your baby’s skin. We’ve counted 17 chemicals on the back of a packet of supermarket wipes that claim to be for sensitive skin. These common nasties take the form of parabens, phthalates, triclosan and Iodopropynyl butylcarbamate, a neurotoxin that’s unfortunately commonly found in disposable wipes.

Switching out disposables for reusable wipes and you’ll be ditching those chemicals too. Just use with water for a gentle clean and once you’re done, wash like you would your regular laundry and re-use time and time again, saving you money and stopping A LOT of disposables from going in the bin. They're an essential to have around for every stage of weaning and beyond, quick to dry so you’ll always have a wipe at hand to clean the messiest of messes. Store in the handy pouch they come in, or any box or bag you fancy. Some people like to keep them a little wet in an airtight box with a little essential oil and others keep them dry - that’s up to you.

Once baby has mastered the whole eating thing, they’ll soon learn to use the wipes themselves too, it’ll just be a few years before they can help out with the washing up we’re afraid. Check one thing off your shopping list for good, pick up a pack of reusable wipes today and never run out again.

Reusable wipes a weaning week essential