Reusable wipes – not just for poo!

Reusable wipes – not just for poo!

Reliable reusable wipes no matter what the mess

With over 11 billion wet wipes thrown away or flushed each year in the UK; causing 80% of sewer blockages and killing around one million animals per year, more and more parents are looking to ditch the disposable wipe and use more reliable and eco-friendly alternatives.

Reusable baby wipes are not only better for the environment and your baby’s delicate skin; but they are more reliable than disposables as they can soak up spills quicker than the thirstiest kitchen towel, can clean dirty bums and faces in one clean sweep and the best part is, they’ll never run out!

Little ones can make a lot of mess, and with everyone being confined to their homes and supermarket shopping for essentials becoming a bit of a faff, reusable wipes are quickly becoming every parents’ saviour, whether they use cloth nappies or not.

Sticky faces, runny noses, scraped knees and mucky hands will all be taken care of with our reusable baby wipes, plus a little TLC from mum or dad (kisses at the ready!) of course. Super soft and super versatile, they’re so handy to have in the house should you need to mop up any mess or soothe a sore knee. Melted ice lolly all down their front? Reusable wipes to the rescue! No residue and no irritation from unknown chemicals mean you can wipe your little one’s clothes or skin without a second thought.

Used wipes are just popped in the wash with your clothes too, dried and ready to use again and again, all year round.

Our bonus top is that they work great as facial wipes too so perfect for removing makeup! A pack for bub, plus a sneaky pack for you won’t ever go a miss!

Pick them up for just £8.95 over on our web store.

Reusable wipes – not just for poo!