Reusable swim nappies: Perfect parent hack for summer holidays

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Using reusable swim nappies on holiday

Using reusable swim nappies on holiday

By Emily @ theruralmummy. It is two days until we head to Bordeaux for one week of family fun and the first thing I have packed is Ted’s reusable swim nappies. Mainly as Talullah is insisting on wearing all of her holiday clothes right away in various fashion shows to her Nursery friends. It makes a change to have found a baby product that reduces the amount we usually pack rather than increase it. Two pretty, slim reusable swim nappies, which have increased my possible packing space by two dresses and a lightweight jumper. If I am lucky I might just manage to take enough clothes for me this holiday!

We arrive at our campsite in the blistering 40 degree heat and the reality of no washing machine and reusable nappies in the tent hits. Tom my husband is pretty encouraging if a little sceptical of my reusable plans for the week’s, but thankfully the reusable swim nappies prove easier than either of us could have hoped. The first day at the pool we take Ted down in his normal nappy as I have learned (with very hilarious results) that reusable swim nappies are only designed to hold the poo! That goes for both disposable and reusable swim nappies so watch out. It does make perfect sense really, as otherwise, your poor little one would be bobbing about with half the pool absorbed in their nappy and weighing them and you down.

When we get there we do a quick change into his reusable swim nappy with a disposable liner inside, and off we all go. Now it may be luck or it may be that I know his bowel movements well enough that we were not caught out all week. Each day when we got back to the tent I simply rinsed out our entire families swimwear and hung it to dry, as I do anyway. Adding a reusable swim nappy was no extra work they are so pretty to look at so he isn’t wearing swim shorts over the top. Midweek I did a full wash to top our clothes up and refresh all our swimwear with the little pot of Potion I had packed. It was enough to do 2 washes that week and allowed us to pack less and squeeze in a little bottle of wine in the suitcase home. With the luxury of a heatwave in France, 40 degrees resulted in a very quick dry time (such a novelty compared to living in the UK) for all our clothes and Ted’s swim nappies were all lovely and fluffy and ready to use again. Taking reusable nappies was a total no-brainer, he was comfy, looked super cute in them and we had saved money and space on the holiday pack. Taking away 2 is perfect as it allows one for wearing while one is in the wash.

Reusable swim nappies, a neat little parent hack for holiday packing with a little one. 

Using reusable swim nappies on holiday