Reusable sanitary pads are not just for periods

Reusable sanitary pads are not just for periods

You have heard the phrase a dog is not just for Christmas, well reusable sanitary pads are not just for periods. 

It’s Friday night and you’re sat with the girls, having a good old knees-up when you laugh so hard you not only snort, but a little bit of pee pops out! Oh my! Suddenly you realize that the sneeze last week had the same effect. You gloss over the little indiscretion in the hope it was all a horrible dream! Not to worry my lovely it’s a common problem faced by half of the female population at some point in their life and of course has a really catchy name ‘Stress incontinence’… but we have the perfect solution, no pun intended!

Our Nora pads aren’t just for periods; they are designed with stress incontinence in mind too. With a superfast wick away top layer that stays dry, they’ll lock away any little mishaps so you can chuckle away with friends whilst sneezing and bouncing on a trampoline to your heart's content.  We recommend you go for the mini pads; they are small, discreet and perfect for the job.

If you’re reading this, aware that the last time you gave your pelvic floor a second thought was… oh, wait you didn't, then its time to try some of our tips for improving your pelvic floor.

  • Perform pelvic floor exercises to strengthen your Kegel muscles
  • Drink less alcohol (Don’t tell aunt Nora she loves a Gin), coffee and tea, as these are diuretics and irritate the bladder
  • Give up smoking, to help reduce the frequency or force of your coughs
  • Maintain a healthy weight, to avoid putting extra pressure on your bladder
  • Adopt a very dour outlook and stop carrying on (only kidding)

Nobody wants the worry of being caught out by these little embarrassments so as you at your desk while you perform your exercises for your Kegel muscles, using a reusable pad will give you the confidence to relax (but not too much).

Look around the office can you spot anyone giving their Kegel muscles a workout, they are the ones raising the eyebrows at five-second regular intervals. We like to do ours when we are driving, its good to have a little routine then you know you're giving yourself the best chance of holding tight.

But if you find like most women you never get round to them, our reusable sanitary pads are there for you whatever the requirement to help keep you feeling your best.

Reusable sanitary pads are not just for periods