Reusable nappy types

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Reusable Nappy Types

Which TotsBots reusable nappy is best for you?

Choice is great but when you’re spoiled for choice it can be hard to find the facts and figure out which reusable nappy is right for you. Using reusables is as easy as one two pee, and choosing the right type for your baby should be too. At TotsBots we’ve kept it simple, 3 nappy types, 2 for daytime and 1 for night, here’s our guide to help you decide:


Award-winning All-In-One day-time nappy, it goes on just like a disposable and is a great intro to cloth. You simply fasten and go, it's that easy. Fits from birth to potty (8-35lbs) with clever popper system that grows with baby, hook and loop tabs to give the perfect fit around the tummy, and elasticated waist for soft fitted comfort.

Soft and absorbent bamboo core holds up to 385ml, and stitch free leg seams means no leaks! Waterproof outer, made from 100% recycled plastic, keeps wetness in, with elastic waist and waterproof tummy band for ultimate comfort.

A firm favourite with nurseries and childminders thanks to it’s simple design, no assembly required and will last 4 – 6 hours between changes.

Our Top Tips

  • Use with a liner to make poo disposal easy.
  • Fold out the tongue for quicker drying time. Or even better fold the whole nappy inside out.

See the EasyFit reusable nappy in action here.



A simply brilliant two-part reusable nappy system that'll have you going nuts for cloth whilst saving some pennies too.

Bamboozle comes in two parts, the waterproof bit (Bamboozle wrap) and the absorbent bit (Bamboozle Pads). You need both together for the nappy to work. Just popper the pad into the wrap, add a stay dry liner and you are good to go. Pads and wrap pop together to stop pads from moving about as baby wiggles.

Tailor the absorbency to suit your baby too; the Bamboozle Pad set contains one small pad holding 210ml and one large pad holding 270ml. They can be used separately or pop them together in the wrap for maximum absorbency (up to 480ml)

It's our most hard-working and economical nappy yet, as you can re-use the Bamboozle wraps for more than one change. Use one wrap for 3-5 changes assuming no poo has leaked onto the wrap, just wipe down in between changes (we know of some great reusable wipes that are up to the task), pop out the wet pads, pop in a fresh set and off you go.

A winner for out-and-about because of the slim design, no bulk on the bum and no bulk in the change bag. It’s quick drying too, so flufftastic for winter days or rainy British summers when drying outdoors isn’t an option or if space is limited indoors.

Our Top Tips  

  • Try replacing your back up disposable with a Bamboozle wrap and pad set so you always have a spare in your bag.
  • There’s no need to separate the pads when washing, saving drying space and valuable seconds when putting away!

Check out Bamboozle video here for a step-by-step.


If you want to be in with the chance of baby sleeping through the night, you’ll need a nappy that lasts through the night. The Bamboozle is the award-winning bed-time solution that's your key to unbeatable night-time protection, winning countless Mother and Baby awards for ‘Best Reusable Nappy’ most recently in 2018, only to be beaten by the TotsBots EasyFit in 2019.

It’s a two-part system, and works with the same wrap as the Bamboozle, but instead of the pads you’ll use the Bamboozle to catch baby’s wee. Capable of holding 715ml, the Bamboozle is perfect for lasting through the night without a leak.

Our Top Tip

  • Keep the fabric lovely and fluffy even without a tumble dryer, after washing rub the nappy together to fluff up the fibres and give you the oh so soft feeling.

Have a look at the Bamboozle video here.

There you have it, 3 reusable nappy types to choose from, all you need to do now is decide which prints you like the best! If you have any more questions give us a tinkle on 0141 774 6437.

If you’re unsure which type to go for just go for it. Jump straight in and give reusable nappies a try with a TotsBots Trial Kit, you’ll get one of each of the nappies above so can try the fluff life out before you go full time.

Save up to 40% on our reusable nappy trial kits. Once you try them you’ll wish you did it sooner. Happy Nappying x

Reusable Nappy Types