Reducing your plastic consumption with reusable nappies

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Switching to reusable nappies for World Environment Day

Switching to reusable nappies for World Environment Day

What better time to make the switch to reusable nappies than today, World environment day. Babies can be the cause of so much consumption and waste, they wear nappies for up to 3 years, outgrow their clothes quickly and require shoes and toys for every new stage, with each one moving on to the next at the speed of light. The Attenborough effect has made us all rethink many of our buying choices and we see more and more people around us making the conscious decision to live with less and treat our world more kindly which is encouraging.

By simply making the switch to reusable nappies you will require 15-25 nappies which can be used again and again, rather than 4000-6000 disposables which will end up in landfill, or swimming with the turtles.

The upfront cost for some can be off-putting but there are many ways you can do this without having to make the full leap to 15-25 nappies at the outset. For example, did you know there is a really buoyant second-hand market for reusable nappies, especially TotsBots? That's because our products are so well designed and made, that they will stand the test of time. You can pick up some TotsBots reusable nappies on Gum Tree, eBay and local sales and wants pages on Facebook for a fraction of the original price so keep your eye out. We love that this is the case too. The more the nappies are passed on and reused, the lesser the impact on the environment. For other ways to reduce your spending on reusable nappies, check with your local council they may have cash back incentives. And if you’re not in a rush, we do clearance sales a couple of times a year so you can grab a great bargain then too if you have the patience to wait.

You don’t even have to make the switch full-time. Swapping out just one nappy a day will stop 365 nappies going into landfill in a year, and over 1000 by the time your baby is out of nappies. We have a little kit especially for this, the mini kit, it contains two nappies, one for the bum and one for the wash, and a roll of disposable liners. Using reusable nappies is a great way to help protect the world for your baby's future, go on give them a go!

Switching to reusable nappies for World Environment Day