Reduce your waste by using reusable sanitary pads

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Easy ways to reduce your waste by using reusable sanitary pads Blog

Reusable sanitary pads, for eco-friendly periods

As you make efforts to decrease your carbon footprint and the waste you create, have you thought what a difference using reusable sanitary pads could do for the environment? With disposables taking 500 years to break down our disposable sanitary wear will outlive us! That is not the kind of heirloom we want to inherit!

It doesn’t help that most widespread disposable menstrual products contain plastics that can’t be reused or recycled and in our menstrual lifetime we will use between 12000 and 16000 individually wrapped little blighters.

And if they don't go to landfill - where they don't break down anyway, remember landfill sites are waste stores and not designed to break down waste- they are being burned in incinerators releasing toxic chemicals into the earth’s atmosphere, blocking up our waterways or ending up on our beautiful beaches. We ‘d rather be swimming with the fishes than with used tampons and sanitary pads!

Bloom and Nora reusable sanitary pads can be used period after period and will last you for 10 years. Imagine that, 10 years of not binning sanitary products. We know that we can all be a sucker for convenience but it is simply a habit, and like any habit they can be broken, all you need to do is take small steps in the right direction. Start small, it’s the best way to see how easy it is, just swap out one of your disposable pads or tampons per day. One in the wash is better than one in the bin it’s a fact, you just wash them with your knickers and you know how to do that, it’s no period drama.

We can promise you this is going to be a switch you will love, no more plastic in your pants just soft luxurious slim line reusable pads, oh and they look pretty too! Give Bloom & Nora reusable sanitary pads a go today by buying one of our singles and see how this little switch will be the best one you make this year.

Easy ways to reduce your waste by using reusable sanitary pads Blog