Recording your pregnancy

Pregnancy is magical, exhausting, exciting and amazing. Each pregnancy is different from the symptoms you suffer to the bump you grow but all are worth recording in some way. We have chosen some of our favourite ways to celebrate those long nine months.

There are plenty of pregnancy apps that help guide you along the journey and our favourite is Ovia, purely because of the comparisons. Rather than fruit comparisons, you can choose to have your baby compared to something from a Parisien bakery, or something silly. This free app also gives you daily pieces of advice or updates on how your baby is growing.

Taking regular pictures is a great way to showcase your growing shape and whether you put them on social media or choose to keep them just for yourself, it is lovely to be able to look back on your bump. You can now buy cards to help you remember the different stages and Milestone cards offer you weeks pregnant cards alongside commemorating scans, first flutters and choosing a name.

If you are feeling creative then why not start up a blog to record your journey.  It is a lovely way of ensuring others can share it with you. If you want something less public then writing a diary at home is a perfect alternative.  You can buy books laid out in sections ready to complete as the weeks go on or you can just write in any notebook you can find, recording your feelings, your plans and your hopes.

How did you record your pregnancy?