Real Siblings Championing Reusable Nappies

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Real Siblings Championing Reusable Nappies

Reusable nappies nurture eco-friendly habits

At the start of the year, we met up with eco-champion Eliza and her fluffy-bummed brother, Jerome. We chatted about reusable nappies and the environment — and we even managed to squeeze in a ‘Real Siblings’ photoshoot. Here are the best bits from our chinwag...

TotsBots: What do you like about your brother’s nappies?

E: They are cool! I like that he looks really pretty in them and that they’re better for the environment.

Eliza knows her stuff! Our reusable nappies help decrease your carbon footprint by up to 40% and the prints really are gorgeous (even if we do say so ourselves). From chatting to Eliza, it’s clear that children today are much more passionate about our environment. When Eliza and Jerome see their cloth-convert parents choosing reusable nappies, it teaches them early-on the awesomeness of reusing, recycling and reducing.

TotsBots: Do you help with the changing/washing/putting away?

E: I help mummy by choosing which nappy Jerome wears. That’s why he has the balloon one on today.

By learning about reusables at such a young age, Eliza and Jerome won’t be daunted by reusing everyday items or choosing cloth. And we think it’s safe to say that our bumbelievably cute and colourful nappy designs make going reusable that much more fun!

TotsBots: What’s your favourite print?

E: I like the one with the balloons, it’s really colourful.

TotsBots: If you could be a TotsBots designer for a day, what would you draw?

E: I would do one with every baby’s name. My favourite teddy is called Charlie, I have a rabbit called Lola, and another teddy called Sparkles so I’d put those names on it too.

TotsBots: Do you do any other eco-friendly things at home?

E: Yes, I take their plastic waste into school to make things I’ve made a dinosaur and a castle.

Eliza’s roaringly recycled crafts show us how mega-passionate she is about the environment... and it doesn’t stop at dinosaurs and castles. She was on her school’s eco-committee in primaries one and two but had to step aside to give someone else a go. She hopes to join the committee again very soon — and so do we! Eliza tells us she’s really looking forward to this blog coming out and plans to show everyone at school. We’re so proud she’s spreading the reusable nappy love.

TotsBots: Do you know why using reusable nappies is important?

E: They are good for the environment and they are more fun… plus my daddy is happy because he doesn't have to take the bin out so often.

We couldn’t help but chuckle when Eliza mentioned the bin. But she’s right! Reusable nappies help decrease your carbon footprint and they mean no more poo-filled smelly kitchen bins. And don’t worry about the poo going in your washing machine! Only breastfed poo goes in the machine. Post-weaning poo goes down the loo while the wet nappy stays in a lidded bucket until wash day. Easy peasy (or poosy)!

TotsBots: Do you think you will use TotsBots nappies on your babies?

E: Yes (nodding emphatically!)

We think so too! Eliza’s interest in waste-free living started with her parents choosing reusable nappies, but fluffy bums are just the beginning. We’re sure she’ll be championing reusable nappies, upcycling her recycling, and making a positive impact on the world for many many years to come. We’re fluffed to bits about that!

To see an end to your wheelie bin overflowing with dirty nappies like Eliza’s dad did, buy a trial kit or check out our full range of reusable nappies. Not only will you be your local rubbish collectors’ favourite household, but you’ll also normalise eco-friendly choices, encouraging your little ones to do the same as they grow up. Happy nappying!

Real Siblings Championing Reusable Nappies