Real Parents Using Reusable Nappies: Shona

Real parents using reusable nappies: Shona

Shona made the full-time switch to reusable nappies when Michael Javier was two weeks old

Shona recently shared her reusable nappy journey with us. We’re so pleased she’s chosen cloth for 15-month-old Michael Javier and hope her passion inspires you too!

When did you first come across cloth nappies?

When I was pregnant, we saw the TV show “war on waste”. Researchers went into family homes and highlighted household waste and encouraged people to think about ditching single-use plastic. I made changes in the kitchen, like switching to reusable wipes and soap bars.

When Michael Javier came along, I only used reusable wipes at first but then I came across reusable nappies at a baby show. After that day, I decided to go the whole hog! I joined some Facebook groups like Cloth Nappies UK and other brand pages to do my research.

Then I took a quiz on a nappy retailer to help me decide what nappy to go for… but I didn't feel confident with the recommendation! So had a look around some forums and checked out what people were saying. From there, I took the plunge and bought a couple of types to try.

What did you think about reusable nappies before you tried them?

I thought they’d be squares with pins! I was surprised by the patterns, how pretty they were, and how much today’s cloth nappies have evolved. It’s a whole new world compared to the days of safety pins!

Were there any surprises? Was it harder or easier than you expected

I was so surprised by the scepticism. Everybody said “you won’t have time” or “you won’t last”. All the negativity made me more determined to make it work. Even my own mum said, “we’ll see how long this lasts”!

Did you use reusable nappies from birth?

I had an emergency c-section so started using cloth nappies when Michael Javier was two weeks old. I’ve been full-time day and night ever since. It quickly became part of my routine.

What’s your washing routine like?

I’d stick Michael Javier’s newborn nappies straight in the machine and wash every 2-3 days. Now that weaning’s started, I use a dry pail before washing.

Jargon Buster: Dry pailing is storing your soiled nappies in a dry nappy bucket before wash day. TotsBots nappies don’t need to be soaked before washing. Yay!

To rinse my nappies, I just stick on a short wash before the main wash. I dry mine inside and don't have a tumble dryer. Most people think you need to have one for cloth nappies but there have been no problems using the indoor drier.

What did your mum think of reusable nappies?

She thought they were cute, but she’d never used cloth on us so wasn’t convinced. If she’s looking after MJ and he has an upset tummy, she’ll sometimes use disposables to help reduce my laundry. But the laundry doesn't bother me, washing is just part of my routine.

Did you know that our reusable nappies contain poo explosions better than flimsy disposables? This means they’re actually better for reducing your laundry when your wee one has a sore tummy since there’ll be no ruined clothes. Yay!

What do you do with the poo?

I use fleece liners and shake any poo into the loo then dry pail the liner in my nappy bucket. Fleece liners are great because you take that to the loo instead of the whole nappy. Plus, when they come out the washing machine, they’re almost dry. It’s like magic!

How much time do you spend handling the nappy laundry? 

5-6 nappies a day, 20 mins a wash, 3 times a week. About an hour in total.

An extra hour a week to care for your little one’s delicate skin is totally worth it, don’t you think? Not only are our Oeko-Tex-certified nappies kind to your baby’s skin, with each change you’re reducing the amount of waste you send to landfill. An hour well spent indeed!

What TotsBots nappies do you have?

I have Bamboozles and EasyFit All-in-Ones. I prefer using all-in-ones during the day. My husband loves them and prefers the TotsBots fastenings best.

Our award-winning Bamboozles are the ultimate night-time nappy. The super-absorbent bamboo core keeps baby dry for up to 12 hours and the waterproof wrap locks any leaks away. TotsBots EasyFits are most like disposables and great for ninja-speed changes!

What advice would you give to others considering switching?

Don’t feel you have to go full throttle from the start, especially if you think you won’t have time. Start off slowly… even just one reusable nappy change a day is enough to make a difference.

What do you like best about TotsBots?

Their reliability. I’ve never had a single leak. I’ve seen people on reusable nappy Facebook groups having issues at night-time, but I’ve never had any problems with TotsBots.

Start your reusable nappy journey

We loved Shona’s advice about not having to go full throttle straight away. And with our Trial Kit, it’s easy to switch out a few of your daily disposables for reusable nappies. Once you’re confident, you can work on growing your stash! Because they converted to reusable nappies at such an early stage, Shona and her hubby have already saved 2,700  disposable nappies from landfill. Yay! How many reusable nappies will you save?


Real parents using reusable nappies: Shona