Real Parents Using Reusable Nappies: Scott & Ashley

Real parents using reusable nappies: Scott & Ashleigh

After overcoming their initial fears about washing reusable nappies, Scott and Ashley are now confident cloth converts who send zero disposables to landfill. Brilliant!

Say hello to Scott and Ashley, a pair of cloth converts and the proud parents of Charlie, Lucas, and Jayden. We caught up with them to natter all about reusable nappies, their advice for new users, and of course… the family’s favourite prints!


What did you first think when you were introduced to TotsBots reusable nappies?

S: We were up for giving them a go! We used disposables with Lucas to begin with and he had terrible nappy rash all the time. So when we were introduced to reusables we gave them a go and won’t ever go back to disposables. We love his nappies!

It’s amazing to hear happy nappy tales like this! And it’s no wonder little Lucas recovered from his nappy rash. Our Oeko-Tex 100 certification guarantees that no harmful chemicals are in any TotsBots fabrics, meaning absolutely no nasties near your wee one’s bot. And did you know that our bamboo fabric is naturally hypoallergenic too? Meaning our nappies are irritation-free, more absorbent than cotton and doubly as snuggly as a newborn’s bum.


Does Lucas wear reusable nappies overnight?

A: Yeah, we use them all the time. He sleeps right through so it’s great not having to change him.

There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep — for mum, dad and baby! Our award-winning Bamboozle night-time nappy paired with the waterproof Bamboozle wrap gives up to 12 hours of leak-free comfort.

Do you use cloth at home and out and about? How do you find that?
A: So, so easy! We even take reusable nappies on holiday and just wash them. It’s no trouble.

We’re totally passionate about myth-busting here at TotsBots, so it’s great to hear real parents share that they found converting to cloth a doddle. Some out-of-date articles still think reusable nappies are a faff but our All-in-Ones go on just like a disposable nappy and the washing takes almost no time at all!


Have you converted anyone else to cloth?

S: Our families are all on board and Ashleigh’s mum has even recommended reusable nappies to some of her friends who have recently become grandparents. We always try to convince others to give them a go when we can.

Keep on spreading the fluffy word, Scott and Ashley! With every cloth convert, we’re one step closer to giving our children the waste-free future they deserve. Remember, starting small is totally OK. Even if just one change per day is with a reusable nappy, that would stop 365 disposables from going to landfill in one year.

What's your top advice for people who are hesitant about using cloth?

A: When talking to our friends, we find that they’re unsure that cloth is for them. Initially, Scott was hesitant about the washing and worried his clothes would smell. Now we don’t even notice the washing and our washing machine is totally fine.

TotsBots reusable nappies are designed to slot into your regular schedule with no fuss! All you need is an extra fifteen minutes. Five minutes to pop the nappies in the wash, five minutes to hang them up to dry, and five minutes to put them away. Easy as one, two, pee! And the poo? Just use our handy little liners to lift the poo out before tipping it down the loo. No smelly washing here!


What has been the biggest surprise for you about cloth nappies?
A: How easy they are and how they don’t smell. Sometimes we don’t even know he’s done a poo because you can’t smell it like you could with disposables.

S: We love how they contain the poo, too — we’ve had no ruined clothes! After using reusables on Lucas, we had lots of clothes that we were able to hold onto and use with Charlie too.

Not to brag (okay, maybe a little bit!) but all that wonderful poo-containing is thanks to our multi-award-winning design. TotsBots reusable nappies have a stretchy leak-proof waist, leak-protection zones around the legs, and a super-absorbent bamboo core. No sneaky leaks here, thank you!

Do you have a favourite print?
A: I love the matchy animal prints. I let the boys pick which ones we’ll put on Charlie and there’s a little bit of bickering because they want their choice first! Lucas likes to match the Nappy Feet with the Breeze changing mat, and the Smelliphant print is also a favourite of ours.

It’s awesome to see Jayden and Lucas getting involved in the wonderful world of reusables from such a young age. And even if they’re a little young to get into the full benefits of cloth, it’s still super-beneficial to normalise good eco habits from day one. We bet Scott and Ashleigh will have a trio of eco-warriors on their hands as the boys grow up!

There’s always a bit of hesitation before trying something new. But like Scott and Ashley found out, a few extra washes go unnoticed and it’s worth it for a happy nappy-rash-free bub.

Are you ready to help stop some of the three billion disposables going to landfill each year? Pick up a trial kit, featuring one of each of our best-selling reusable nappies, to find the fit that’s right for you and your little one.

Real parents using reusable nappies: Scott & Ashleigh