Real Parents Using Cloth Nappies: Jayne Littler

Real Parents Using Cloth Nappies: Jayne Littler

Jayne didn’t switch to cloth nappies until her son was 15 months old because she was put off by the lack of race diversity within the industry. We delve into Jayne’s story below.

Recent cloth-convert Jayne knew about cloth nappies for years before Ethan was born. Being a yoga teacher, she found herself surrounded by lots of eco-minded people and kept noticing cloth nappies coming up in conversation — and her interest was born! Then when Jayne became pregnant, she actively started looking into the world of reusable nappies.

She was interested in the back-to-basics mentality of cloth. As a vegan who doesn’t drive, the idea of cloth nappies fitted well with her eco-friendly lifestyle. And hey, her parents used cloth on her sister and she turned out just fine!

Jayne’s main motivation for choosing reusables was the environment. So why didn’t she make the switch from disposables until Ethan was 15 months?

Her plan was to buy one cloth nappy a month and build up her stash slowly. But when researching reusable brands, she noticed the majority of the babies used in the marketing materials were white and was really put off. Jayne started reaching out to brands to raise awareness about the lack of race diversity in marketing — and that’s where we met.

We were in agreement with her feedback and keen to make changes in our marketing, so we invited Jayne to become a TotsBots Real Parent so we could feature her in some of our advertising campaigns. Read on to find out how she got on with her TotsBots cloth nappy Trial Kit...

How have you found the nappies? Were there any surprises?
OMG so easy! At first, it was quite daunting… perceptions are that cloth nappies are hard but they’re just the same as using disposables. It’s no more work and I don’t even notice the laundry. The laundry’s always there anyway!

How much time do you spend on laundry?
My washing machine is on every day so chucking in three or four extra nappies is nothing. I think I must spend about 15 minutes a week hanging up nappies, plus I’ve constantly got clean nappies coming out the machine so I never run out.

Do you have a set routine?
Not really, I just shove the nappies in with the rest of the laundry. I use disposable liners, drop the poo in the toilet and throw the liner in the bin. Then I rinse my nappies off in the sink.

Some people reading this might raise an eyebrow at the idea of rinsing cloth nappies in the sink, but we both agreed that you just crack on when it’s your own child! And most of the poo goes down the loo which is way better than it festering in the kitchen bin.

Do you use cloth nappies overnight/just at home etc?
I use them overnight but I don’t use them out of the house if Ethan’s due a poo…especially in central London! I use disposables then.

Do you have a favourite nappy type?
EasyFits. I use Bamboozles too, but Ethan is a wriggler so the EasyFits are quicker and easy to change.

TotsBots EasyFits are our all-in-one nappies that go on just like a disposable. Bamboozles are half of our two-part nappy system. The Bamboozle is the absorbent part and the Bamboozle waterproof wrap is worn on the outside to keep any wetness in.

How was Ethan with the switch? 
He worked out how to take them off at first — we had to make sure we didn't inadvertently have nappy-free time! *Laughing* he soon got bored of that. He is happy and comfy with no rashes. All good!

What advice would you give to others considering switching late?
Just do it. There’s no time like the present to start saving money, and it’s better for the planet and better for baby’s bottom.

Would you go for cloth nappies right away with baby number two?
Yep, but no plans for another baby yet! I do wonder if reusables would get stained with newborn poo though…

Newborn poo can stain cloth nappies, but if you dry your reusables on the line the UV radiation bleaches the stains out — and it kills bacteria too! We recommend using TotsBots fleece liners for newborns because if the liners become stained they can be easily replaced. Fleece liners are also best for keeping baby’s bum totally dry, making them the perfect accessory for keeping nappy rash at bay.

 What do you like best about TotsBots cloth nappies?
They’re very good quality. You can just tell they’re really well made, they’re not fading or losing colour. The pattern’s still bright and the velcro’s still good. Because they’ll have to go through lots of washing, it’s good to know they’ll last.

Thanks again to Jayne for reaching out to us. TotsBots aim to be ethical in every way and we’re glad she was willing to call us out. We’re thrilled Jayne loved our cloth nappies once she tried them. Are you inspired to swap to cloth nappies after reading Jayne’s story? Pick up a discounted Trial Kit and discover the wonderful world of cloth today.

Real Parents Using Cloth Nappies: Jayne Littler