Real Nappy Week 2019

Real Nappy Week 2019 Reusable nappies - They don’t have to cost the earth

Reusable nappies - They don’t have to cost the earth

Welcome to real nappy week, the week where all the brands, retailers, nappy libraries, councils and volunteer organisations come together to raise awareness about the awesome wonderfulness of reusable nappies. From the 22nd of April, there will be pop up events taking place all over the UK giving people the opportunity to join in and share their love of all things cloth, whilst sharing a coffee and cake too.

Our theme this year at TotsBots is “Real Nappies don't have to cost the Earth!”

For some people, the initial start-up cost can be off-putting, especially when so many well-meaning friends and relatives react like you have just lost your marbles when you say “I am thinking about using reusable nappies on my baby”. It’s highly likely they will respond with “Oh no aren’t they a lot of work?” or “Won’t they leak?” This usually creates doubt that you will be spending your hard earned cash wisely, so with that in mind, we have put together our top tips for trying reusable nappies before committing to the whole shebang or worrying about breaking the bank. 

Real Nappy Week at TotsBots

This year at TotsBots we have a lot of exciting things that we know you're going to love, so keep your eyes peeled. 

Nappy Libraries

Typically stocked full of cups of tea and ready to show you all their fluffy wares, these are a great place to meet other parents and get opinions and advice, minus the ill-informed scaremongering, on what using reusable nappies is actually like. Run by mums and dads using reusable nappies every day it's a great place to see these in a real-life situation and make an informed decision on what's best for you. The best thing is nappy libraries will have a pack of nappies you can borrow to try out for the low cost of a deposit and/or weekly fee. It’s a great way to try before you buy. Your local nappy library will also know of any incentives or voucher codes too so win-win. To find your local reusable nappies library check here.

Council Incentives

Have you heard of the incentives available by local authorities to encourage your use of reusable nappies? With waste high on the agenda of many local councils, it’s a little bonus to you as a thanks for reducing your household waste to landfill, comes in the form of a cash incentive to support you make the switch. All you need to do is provide proof of your purchase and a cheque will be sent out to you in the post, so keep your receipt! You can find council incentives really easily with a quick Internet search ‘reusable nappies and your council’ or check out the real world parent’s list here.

Trial packs

Trial packs are a great way to try a few nappy types usually discounted by up to 50%. They tend to be offered by the brands as opposed to the retailers. The TotsBots Trial pack contains one each of our nappy types, the EasyFit for daytime; a Bamboozle and waterproof wrap for night time use; and the Bamboozle wrap and pad system which is a bit like an EasyFit lite, perfect for parents who are on a tight budget. Check out our reusable nappies trial packs here.


If you have chased off the naysayers and your mind is made up, you could ask for the gift of reusable nappies in the form of a TotsBots e-gift voucher. Valid for 12 months and available in any amount, all you need to do is sit back and surf the site picking out your favourite nappies to be delivered directly to your door. No waddling around the high street required!

Buy second hand

There are often some awesome fluffy bargains to be had on Gumtree and eBay. We fully support this too, after all the inspiration behind TotsBots came from a pack of terry squares purchased at a car boot sale all those years ago. In addition to the buzz of bagging a bargain, buying second hand is fab for the environment, reduce, reuse, recycle and all that J… you’d be amazed at how buoyant the second-hand market for reusable nappies is.

So, hopefully this has inspired you to go and do some fluffy bargain hunting. We would love to hear how you get on so tag us on Instagram or Facebook in your new purchases and flash your reusable nappies with us during real nappy week 2019, Happy Nappying!

Real Nappy Week 2019 Reusable nappies - They don’t have to cost the earth