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RNFL voucher scheme and totsbots

Claim your voucher up to £54.15 online now


TotsBots now accept Real Nappies for London Vouchers – Hooray!

It’s a brilliant way to get started with cloth nappies for less. All you have to do is apply for your voucher by filling in the simple form at RNFL, wait for your verification code, and then contact us for your unique voucher code to spend on our beautifully soft fluffy nappies for your baby. It’s simple and will save you up to £54.15 off the cost of your reusable nappies.

If you live in London and haven’t claimed your voucher, you need to check out the Real Nappies for London scheme. It was Developed in 2007 by the Women’s Environmental Network and now administered by London Community Resource Network covering selected boroughs to help parents make the switch to reusable nappies. They do this by reducing the upfront cost, providing a super generous voucher that can be redeemed at certain retailers – TotsBots being one of them!

Here’s a little overview of which London Boroughs are covered by the RNFL Scheme:

If you’re not quite sure which nappies are best to buy with your voucher – you can read all of our nappy types over on our Reusable Nappy Types blog, or pick up a Trial Kit to test them all out for yourself. Sign up for your voucher now and get give yourself some fluffy retail therapy over on our webstore - Happy shopping!

RNFL voucher scheme and totsbots