Reusable Nappy Vouchers from the Real Nappies for London Scheme

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Get started with reusable nappies for less with TotsBots and the Real Nappies for London Scheme!

Reusable Nappies for London (RNFL) are paving the fluffy way and helping to reduce single-use waste by providing reusable nappy vouchers to residents living in London Boroughs. Hooray!

If you live in a participating borough, and your baby is under 18 months or you are a parent-to-be, you can apply for a free reusable nappy voucher worth between £40 and £54.15. Eligible boroughs are Bexley, Camden, Enfield, Hackney, Haringey, Islington, Waltham Forest and Lambeth.

Simply apply for your voucher by filling in the form on the RNFL website. Then, once you receive your verification code, get in touch with us and we’ll give you a voucher code to use at the checkout.

Reusables vs. Disposables

So, why should you make the switch to reusable nappies? Most people choose cloth because they want to stop single-use disposables clogging our landfills, but reusables don’t just help save the planet… they save you money in the long run too!

  • Disposable nappies take up to 500 years to decompose and even “bio-degradable” nappies can’t break down because landfills are so tightly packed. Gross, right?
  • Reusable nappies halve your weekly rubbish and reduce your carbon footprint by up to 40% — even with the few extra laundry loads a week!
  • By switching to reusable nappies, you can save up to £750 when compared to the cost of disposable nappies.

Why Choose TotsBots?

There are plenty of reusable nappy brands out there, but none quite like TotsBots! It’s our mission to make the best nappies in the world and we’re well on our way there thanks to our jam-packed awards cabinet plus our warm and fuzzy ethics.

  • We’ve won the Mother & Baby Best Reusable Nappy award 11 times (more than any other reusable nappy brand put together!)
  • All of our waterproof fabric is made from recycled plastic.
  • We’re the proud owners of an Ethical Consumer Best Buy Label, an accolade that helps shoppers choose genuinely ethical products.
  • Our nappies are Oeko-Tex-certified, meaning no harmful chemicals anywhere near your baby’s skin.
  • Our nappies are made with love right here in the UK, meaning you can shop locally.

Ready to RNFL!

Find out more about the RNFL scheme on our Real Nappies for London page. Then, once you’re ready to spend your voucher come back and browse our fluff-tastic collection. A lot of people who are trying reusable nappies for the first time go for a Mini Kit. These handy little kits come with two EasyFit all-in-one nappies (that look and act just like disposables). Just remember to spend your voucher all at once because no change is given. Happy nappying!