Real Mum Emma & baby Martha

Choosing the best nappies for your baby

Choosing the best nappies for your baby

Emma and Martha very kindly came to see us for our AW Elements photoshoot back in 2019 ( FYI - Martha is Napple baby), and we asked if she would be up for sharing her cloth nappy journey too. She happily obliged and we were so heartened by how passionate she was about reusable products and how easy she finds them. Just like every parent, she wants the very best for her baby and we are so proud that TotsBots nappies are ensuring Martha’s little bum is being wrapped with nothing but natural fluffy fabrics, without a chemical in sight.

Why did you start using cloth nappies?

My cousin used them for her kids and they just looked really easy. I based my parenting decisions on what I think is best for Matha along with making less impact on the planet so use reusable wipes, exclusively breastfeed and use cloth nappies. I guess seeing them in action just confirmed that it can be done and it’s not difficult. It’s so simple.

Did you have any concerns at all even though you were pretty set on using cloth nappies?

My husband was a bit nervous to start with, but he came around to the idea and happily uses them too. The washing was a bit of a concern as we live in flat so I wondered if we would cope in the winter and having more washing with a baby, but you don’t notice the extra as you’re washing anyway – it just becomes part of your routine. It’s really easy. I also didn’t know if washing cloth nappies had a negative impact on the environment as we were using more energy, but I definitely think our overall impact on the planet has been lowered by using cloth nappies.

That’s right! The LCA report confirmed that cloth nappies are 40% better for the environment in terms of carbon footprint. They also use 97% less raw material for production than disposables per child which can make a huge positive impact on our planet if more people used them.

Why did you choose TotsBots nappies?

The Bamboozle! I couldn’t find a better nappy for overnight. It’s easy to use and because it lasts all night, I don’t have to disturb Martha to change her nappy mid sleep. After 12 hours she is dry and we’ve had no leaks, and that’s with her still having a feed at night too. We also use the EasyFit during the day as it’s slim and easy to use. I’m just about to try out the Bamboozle too, so I’ll let you know what I think!

How do you feel about the chemicals in disposable nappies?

I didn’t even think of this, and I don’t even know why I didn’t click as I used reusable sanitary products before Martha was born and the main reason was due to the fact disposable sanitary pads contain bleach. I’d imagine that disposable nappies are bleached too to get them so white? The fact they contain so many chemicals makes my decision to use cloth even more valid. I can actually relate to how comfortable reusables are compared to disposables too having made the switch to reusable pads. If I didn’t want that for me, then I certainly don’t want that for Martha.

How many cloth nappies to you think you have diverted from landfill?

I’ve literally no idea! (Emma gets out her phone to do a quick calculation) Erm, I’d say about 11,000. She’s 9 months and we go through a lot of nappies each day. I started using cloth nappies from 9lbs as I didn’t have any newborn nappies, but I would definitely use them from birth next time around, especially as you’ve pointed out that they’re much kinder to newborn skin.

Why do you think it’s so important to stop throwing nappies in the bin?

I’ve always known that disposables aren’t great for the environment but reading your post on social media about the number of hours that one cloth nappy is used for and then how many hours it stays in landfill made me feel sick. I was horrified at the thought of putting something into our earth that would stay there for so long. Even if parents used them part-time, or one a day it would really make a difference.

We agree with Emma. Just using one cloth nappy a day can divert 365 nappies from landfill in just one year. If every parent could commit to that, our consumption of single use items would be cut dramatically.

We were going to ask Emma what her funniest cloth nappy moment was, but we already had one as little Martha filled her nappy just before she went in front of the camera! Least she was comfortable around us.

We’ve not had any embarrassing moments, but that was definitely a momentous one. That was 3 days’ worth of poo and her nappy was full to the gunnels! If that was a disposable nappy, she would have needed a full change of clothes, a bath and I’d probably have needed one too!

Emma’s story shows that no matter where you live, you can make cloth nappies work for you and it will make a huge difference to the world that your little one grows up in. They are the best in terms of zero-waste, the best for your baby’s delicate skin and perform better than disposables – a big bonus when it comes to dealing with poonamis. Your little one’s outfits will never be ruined as our nappies contain the biggest and messiest of baby bowel movements!

Switch out one of your daily disposables and try our EasyFit for during the day and start using the best nappies for your baby.


Choosing the best nappies for your baby