Raising little eco-warriors

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Raising little eco-warriors with cloth nappies

Let us introduce these three gorgeous boys Jayden 7, Lucas 4, and Charlie 6 months, the latest TotsBots real siblings to tell us what they like about reusable nappies. They came in to see us a little while back and we were interested to hear what they think about their little brother’s nappies, and how they help at home. Now, the boys are a little young to know the full benefits of reusable nappies and why their parents use them but they are still keen to help at change time and enjoying their little brother, all whilst learning good eco habits they will develop over the years.

Engaging children when they are young and inquisitive builds great foundations for their future learning. Children are naturally curious beings, investigating the world around them, constantly absorbing information and quick to pick up habits. When Scott & Ashleigh are changing Charlie, they’re not just reducing their waste, but teaching Jayden and Lucas the value of reusing, the boys will quickly learn and put these principles into practice in other aspects of their childhood.

The boys had a lot of fun with Jen our photographer playing games, taking a few photos and once the photoshoot was over, we got down to the real talk, chatting reusable nappies. We wanted to know what Jayden and Lucas liked most about their little brother’s nappies. Almost in unison, and with a little prompt from mum, they both said with big smiles they like how colourful the nappies are. Favourite prints are the rainbows and clouds, to which Lucas said he will always pick that nappy because he likes to match it with Charlie’s changing mat.

Big superhero fans too, when we asked what print they’d make if they could, it seems there would be steep competition between Iron Man (Jayden’s choice) and Spiderman (Lucas’s favourite) for who would be the Pooperhero for the day. Jayden also gave us a good idea inspired by their Nanny’s dog Mylo, he’d like to see a nappy with lots of dogs running around on the grass chasing balls with mud flying everywhere. We’ll keep that in mind for future when we’re brainstorming print designs Jayden!

The boys help out at change time too, Lucas puts the liner on, he’s not so keen on taking it out when there’s poo on it, and Jayden likes to help with sticking the hook and loop together, teamwork! Getting everyone involved in change time encourages children to think about the everyday household items they use, how they can be reused and in time they will learn why reusing is helping protect the world they’ll grow up in.

Jayden has had a little extra practice in changing cloth nappies as he helped when Mum and Dad started using them on Lucas. He even said he would like to use the same nappies when he is a dad. We hope he does, and we are optimistic that by the time Jayden, Lucas and Charlie are parents, reusable nappies will be the norm and no-one will think twice about using them. By learning about reusables at such a young age, the boys won’t think anything of choosing cloth or reusing everyday items, to them the convenience comes from always having nappies in the house, not from using something that’s thrown away.

Lead by example and teach your children from day one the value in reducing waste by discovering what ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ activities you can build into your everyday routine, is it putting yoghurt pots straight into the recycling or reusing it as a flower pot for growing seedlings? To try out reusable nappies in your house, pick up a trial kit, it contains one of each of our nappy types to get you started and is a brilliant price too with almost 50% off.

Raising little eco-warriors with cloth nappies