Plastic Free July – Reduce single use plastic waste with TotsBots reusable nappies

Plastic Free July – Reduce single use plastic waste with TotsBots reusable nappies

Plastic Free July is a worldwide initiative which tackles the overwhelming impact that single-use plastic is having on our planet. It’s becoming apparent that reducing the overall consumption of single-use plastic items is the best way to help keep our oceans cleaner and our conscience clearer.

Using TotsBots reusable nappies is a really simple and easy swap away from single-use, disposable nappies and will most likely spur you on to reduce single-use plastic in other areas of your life, from reusable baby wipes to sandwich wraps. It’s a bit addictive and once you catch that eco-friendly-bug it definitely gives you a feel-good factor to do more. Hanging your nappies on the washing line will bring you joy, and always having your reusable water bottle to hand is a bonus, especially if you’re up for a middle of the night feed on those hot summer nights.

But it’s not only you who can make a difference by choosing ethical and environmentally friendly products. Companies and organisations can play a huge part in helping to cut the vast amount of single-use plastic waste that fills our seas and our landfill sites. At TotsBots we strive to do make the most environmentally friendly products in the kindest way possible, and July 2020 marks a whole year of us using recycled plastic bottle waste for our nappies, change mats and nappy bags. We were the first reusable nappy company to make all of our waterproof products from recycled polyester and constantly strive to make positive changes to the way we manufacture our nappies and accessories.

Each of our products with waterproof polyurethane is recycling excess plastic bottle waste as well as reducing the amount of raw materials used in our production process. Virgin polyester is much more labour and resource-intensive than recycled yarn so you can be sure that TotsBots nappies made from recycled waste are much better for the environment as disposables as they’re tackling waste two-fold; both in production and from a user perspective too. Less energy in production and less waste in your bin!

Here are some of our easy to use reusable baby products made from recycled polyester that will make a difference to you and our planet:

  • Easyfit nappies: Recycles 2 plastic bottles

Our Easyfit reusable nappies are great for those who are worried about cloth nappies being a faff. Just like a disposable, they are so easy that even those who don’t like changing nappies will happily give one a go. Made from super soft, natural absorbent bamboo and 100% recycled polyester, the EasyFit nappies will keep your baby dry during the day for up to 4 hours which is pretty standard for most babies. Take a look at our handy little video HERE and picture yourself changing your first TotsBots reusable nappy soon!

  • Happy Change Mat: Recycles 4 plastic bottles

Free from cold, hard PVC, our Happy Changing Mat isn’t prone to splits and can help reduce tears at change time with its super soft and fluffy texture. It will also double up as a tummy-time play mat, and great for baby massage too. Perfect for use both in and out of the house, you can wash and reuse again and again, and it will last much longer than the typical change mats.

  • Wet/Dry Nappy Storage Bag: Recycles 6 plastic bottles

Handy for storing used reusable nappies or wet/soiled clothes, especially when space is limited. If you’re looking for a reusable nappy storage option with eco-credentials, then our nappy bags are a must. Made from 6 recycled plastic bottles and available in a range of our prints.

Not made from recycled plastic bottles, but another product which is great for helping you cut your plastic waste are TotsBots reusable baby wipes. Just wash and reuse with your reusable nappies and you’ll be sending even less plastic to landfill. Yip, that’s right…disposable wipes are made from plastic and are one of the worst fatberg offenders in the UK. Even if you only use them for sticky hands and faces rather than throwing away several disposable wipes a day, you’re still making a huge difference. 

Lots of people making the tiniest changes can make a huge difference, and that’s what we’re hoping to encourage more parents to do, and to teach their children too. Have a bash at reducing your plastic waste this summer with TotsBots reusable nappies and wipes, soak up those feel-good eco-warrior vibes and spread the word about how easy it is to make the switch to a plastic-free lifestyle.

If you’re ready to ditch single-use plastic baby items, you can shop the full TotsBots range HERE.

Plastic Free July – Reduce single use plastic waste with TotsBots reusable nappies