Packing your Hospital Bag with our reusable favourites!

Plastic Free Hospital Bag

Going plastic-free from day one is easy with TotsBots. We share our top four items to pack in your hospital bag and our handy checklist so you can welcome your little one into a waste-free world... plus enter below for you chance to WIN!

Any parent will tell you packing the hospital bag is a big moment. As you write the list of essentials, you can’t quite believe there will soon be a tiny baby filling those babygrows you’ve carefully chosen. You think about how life will be once you bring home your teeny bundle of joy and get excited imagining your little one's future. 

It’s natural to want to do everything you can to give your newborn the best possible life from day one, and choosing to go plastic-free is an amazing way to help protect the planet's future for your baby. As experts in reducing waste and eco-parenting, we know a thing or two about the essentials you’ll need to pack in your hospital bag.

We've created a handy checklist, to give you a helping hand, you can download it here .

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Here are some essential items you can swap out for reusables...

Cloth Nappies

Instead of packing disposables in your bag, swap them for newborn cloth nappies. Did you know that 25% of a disposable nappy is plastic and once thrown away it will sit in landfill for 500 years? 

By choosing to reuse from day one, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint by around 40% and help protect the world your baby will grow up in. TotsBots TeenyFit fabric nappies are the perfect fit for newborns. Plus, we use recycled plastic to make the waterproof outer layer, so you’re reducing waste, reusing and recycling all at the same time. 

We’d recommend packing 4-8 washable nappies and a waterproof wet bag to store them until wash time. Pop in some disposable nappy liners too and those first few changes will be easy peasy.

Reusable Wipes 

Cloth baby wipes aren’t just for your wee one. Our cotton/bamboo reusable baby wipes give your newborn’s delicate skin a clean free from harmful chemicals… and they do the same for you too. Soak these wipes in some cold water for a soothing face cloth for you — because nothing works up a sweat like birthing a tiny human!

Reusable Postpartum Pads

Vaginal bleeding, known as lochia, is totally normal after birth. Even without stitches, the last thing you want is a clammy disposable pad sticking to places it shouldn’t. Soothe sensitive bits with reusable bamboo postpartum pads from Bloom & Nora. There’s no daily plastic waste and you can reuse them for your regular menstrual cycle too. 

Reusable Breast Pads

Environmentally friendly and kind to your skin, reusable breast pads are handy to pack in your hospital bag to pop in your maternity bra whenever you need them. Bloom & Nora reusable breast pads absorb more than disposable pads and there are no adhesives in sight! You can even reuse them time and again if siblings come along

Ready, Steady, Push!

Packing your hospital bag can be exciting and daunting at the same time, but with some eco-friendly options by your side, you’ll know you’re getting baby off to the best start in life by protecting the planet for their future. Take a look at our environmentally-friendly newborn nappies or email for advice on reusable newborn nappies for your plastic-free hospital bag.


Plastic Free Hospital Bag