Out and about with cloth nappies

Out and about with cloth nappies

Say PeeNuts to disposables as slimline cloth nappies are here!

Packing for a day out with your baby can sometimes feel like you're preparing for a mammoth holiday, but with cloth nappies, you do not need to fear the bulk on the bum or in the bag. It is possible to be an eco-parent and not require a packhorse, we promise. When it comes to getting ready for a day out and about, you can easily fit the essential cloth nappy supplies in your change bag without a squeeze, really…it’s a breeze!

The TotsBots 2-part Bamboozle system is slim fitting without compromising on performance and suits light to heavy wetters from birth to potty without any fuss. The design is slimline, so they fit in dinky clothes without that big cloth bum.

When it comes to being a cloth bum parent not much changes apart from the simple fact you're chucking them in the washing machine, not the changing room stink bins! With TotsBots Bamboozle cloth nappies you can boost the pads allowing for flexible absorbency according to what kind of little wee'er you have. This two-part system consists of a waterproof outer (wrap) and silky soft bamboo pads to absorb the wetness and catch poop. When it comes to change time, simply remove the wet pad, give the bum and wrap a wipe and pop a new pad in the wrap and it’s ready to go again. Minimum bits, but with maximum on the bum performance!

If you’re venturing out for a full day, we would suggest packing the following in your change bag:

1: An Out and About bag to pop any used cloth nappies in

2: Three waterproof Bamboozle wraps

3: Three to six slimline Bamboozle pads (for your heavy wetter)

4: Nappy liners, either disposable or reusable

4: A pack of reusable wipes in a sealed box/bag with a little water

5: Emergency snacks (for you and baby)

6: A refillable bottle of water (to keep you hydrated)

7: A changing mat. Our Happy Mat’s are perfect for on the go!

Getting out of the house with your little one is so much easier and more rewarding when there are no tears or tantrums (from you or them!). For that rushed emergency poo change before you leave the house, or an impromptu back seat of the car nappy change, you’ll have it in the bag with the TotsBots Bamboozle cloth nappy system and Out and About Kit.

Out and about with cloth nappies