Nina reviews TotsBots cloth nappies

Nina reviews TotsBots cloth nappies

We find that many people say the same things when it comes to cloth nappies, they know they are better for the environment but are worried about them being hard work. It always sounds to us like people think of switching to cloth nappies like trying some tricky detox but really once you try you will never go back.

Nina hits the nail on the head in her recent blog ‘Spoiled modern parents- My first cloth nappy experience’ We live in a world of convenience and the throwaway-‘Chuck in the bin and say bye bye is definitely the easiest way to deal with their "big business". We are indeed spoiled by the convenience the latest technology has given us. Not only nappies but everything in our daily life.’

But a year into parenting Nina decided that enough was enough and she couldn't dismiss the idea of cloth nappies without giving it a go, was it really as hard as she thought - ‘What do I do with the poo! In fact, I was quite worried about how to deal with the poop and was just hoping Andy didn’t do a poop so soon. After 5mins I put them on he did it, typical.

It was not as difficult as I thought! Even when I was using a fleece liner (reusable liner), I managed to scrape them off into the toilet without much hassle and gave them a quick rinse under cold tap then put in a wash box that I prepared to store all the used nappies. So, it's quick easy to deal with and I actually felt good about myself when I didn't fill up the bin with disposable nappies.’

Cloth nappies are pretty simple when it comes to poo, you can always use a throw away liner. The important thing to remember is that the washing machine does all the hard work. It’s always great to hear when people realise this. Nina found that not only were the cloth nappies easier than she thought but they were actually easier to put on her wriggly baby than disposables.

For more on Nina’s journey go and check out her blog here following her experience as well as her own pros and cons on liners.

I’m considering a better planet for our next generation it’s well worth it!’

-Nina Mackenzie-

To join Nina on a journey to cloth nappies visit our website here and find out for yourself just how simple a switch it really is.

Nina reviews TotsBots cloth nappies