Nina reviews our reusable pads

Nina reviews Bloom & Nora reusable pads

Nina made the switch to cloth nappies and the switch to reusable pads came quickly after.

When you start making eco-friendly product choices the first one feels so rewarding especially once you get your head around the fact that really the ‘convenience’ of throw away is not actually that convenient, with every switch it gets easier. If you’re composting and recycling already, the next step is reducing your household waste. When every woman will throw away around 16000 disposable pads in her lifetime switching to a reusable pad is a great way to start that reduction.

For Nina becoming a mum made her more aware of what goes into products – Since I became a parent, I am more aware of chemicals in the products we use every day, and living a sustainable lifestyle. I started using cloth nappies for my baby Andy, last month to reduce as much contact with chemicals as possible, and its better for the environment. Then I thought why not give reusable pads a try too?

Nina made her choice to go with Bloom & Nora reusable pads based on her experience with our other brand TotsBots, ‘their cloth nappies are really high quality and have been voted as the best cloth nappies brand in the UK. I love that they manufacture in the UK as well. They recently launched Bloom & Nora, making cloth sanitary pads and I have great confidence in the quality of their products.

It is really important to us that we have control of every element of the manufacturing process to ensure we can make the best possible product for you, for that to happen it is essential that we make our products here in the UK. 

We love it when you make the switch and love them too.-    ‘In short, I enjoyed using the reusable pads, they are easy to clean. Don't worry about coming into contact with your own blood, they are not scary at all. I genuinely feel great that I can reuse them and I feel luxurious using them and their absorbency is better than disposable pads! I love both Bloom & Nora’

You can read Nina’s full review here and join the more sustainable lifestyle, by visiting us at Bloom & Nora to try our reusable pads.  

Nina reviews Bloom & Nora reusable pads