New Resolution. Using Cloth Pads

Bloom & Nora

2018, let’s make this the year of us, the year we look after number one. We spend our time covered in snot, carrying several kilos of child around with us most of the day and never getting to pee in peace. We are caregivers, chefs, cleaners, personal stylists and nurses. We are teachers, playmates, we are everything to someone else, but this year we pledge to be us too. As the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup!

We are all doing the best for our babies, we are helping to preserve the world they are going to inherit by reducing our plastic output and this is the year we make another change and give up disposable sanitary wear for ourselves.

Last year, we launched our sister brand Bloom and Nora , making cloth sanitary pads for women and this year we want you to make a resolution to try them. We give our babies the best, soft cotton against their skin and no nasty chemicals and we deserve the same for ourselves. Our CSP is easy to use, kinder to the environment and kinder to you too.

Make this the year you have a cycle in style, make it positively period, whether you choose the bold and beautiful Bloomers with their absorbent bamboo core, or the stain repelling fresh whiteness of Nora. Mini, midi, maxi or mighty, we have a size and style to suit every Mama and we are confident that this will be the resolution you keep.

Every year we make promises and resolutions to be kinder to ourselves, to look after our bodies and our brains, to eat better, to exercise more, to make big changes. This little change will make a big one though - your body will be healthier without the chemicals from disposable sanitary protection.

Whatever else you pledge this year, make the switch to Bloom & Nora Cloth Sanitary Pads. Click HERE to see our range.

Bloom & Nora