New night-time reusable nappies by TotsBots

New night-time reusable nappies by TotsBots

Pawfect reusable nappies for night-time

We have a new little crew joining our reusable nappies, a Pawfect bunch of matchy bamboozles. That's right, our new Bamboozle reusable nappies are here to delight the night-time revellers. The Bamboozle's fabulous containment will keep your little Smelliphants dry all night, making sure they have had a good nights sleep to recharge the energy levels required to be a little Giggleraff during the day. So throw on your Nappy Feet and ChimPANTzee what is over at TotsBots online shop! (Can you tell we had some fun coming up with the names for these new nappies?)

Intrigued? We hope so. If you love block colours and animals we know you will just love these new designs. Bold, bright, beautifully soft and cute, just like your little ones! Reusable nappies not only keep your baby dry at night but also protect their little bum from a world of disposable nappy chemicals. Tucking them up at night in bamboo fluffiness you can use again and again, saves you money and looks super duper, what’s not to love?

The Bamboozle is a 2 piece system designed especially for heavy wetters and night-time use. Teamed up with a matching waterproof Bamboozle wrap, it’ll keep the wetness in the nappy and your little one in dreamland. Made from super absorbent, stretchy bamboo towelling it is Oeko-Tex certified too; this means you can sleep soundly knowing there are no harmful chemicals next to your baby’s skin.

We want to live in a world where our future generations get to see in real life, the wonderful animals we have on these prints, but we can only hope for such things if we all take responsibility for what is happening to our planet. Swapping to reusable nappies is a great way to reduce what's going into landfill and ending up in our seas and on our beaches. Switching to Bamboozle night-time reusable nappies alone could save 365 nappies a year from landfill, that’s a great start don’t you think?

For all our new designs check out TotsBots here and see how reusable nappies could brighten up your night-time routine.


New night-time reusable nappies by TotsBots