New bamboo reusable wipes from TotsBots

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New bamboo reusable wipes from TotsBots

Wipe away those tears (and chocolate smears) with reusable wipes

With the launch of our new matchy reusable nappies range comes it’s nappy side-kick, matching reusable wipes! Now your little Smelliphant can be cleaned by soft bamboo reusable loveliness. When you are washing your reusable nappies anyway, throwing dirty reusable wipes straight into your machine with your nappies is a simple step.

We at TotsBots fluff HQ love to make sure we are making the most out of the products that we bring to you and also want to make sure we are encouraging the right decisions to help you protect the planet. Many say that reusable nappies are the gateway to life in the reusable lane, so now is the time to make reusable wipes another tick off your single-use plastic list.

An article published by Friends of the earth in January 2019, stated that 90% of the waste that causes sewer blockages is made by wipes. Wipes are also the main contributor to the ‘Fatbergs’ that are growing in our sewers. If you don’t know what a ‘Fatberg' is Friends of the earth describe them as those revolting sewer mountains made of wet wipes, grease and other gunk’ You can find disgusting pictures of them on the internet. Honestly, it really is gross so if you need a reason to make the switch to reusable wipes take a look.

5 reasons to move to Matchy reusable wipes:

  • Don’t block the drain Reusable wipes make life simple, they are clearly reusable so you won’t mistakenly throw them down the loo which could result in a huge bill for unblocking your drains.
  • They never run out Once you have bought your wipes that’s it, no more running out of them at that awkward surprise poo moment.
  • No more nasty chemicals on your child's face or bum. With the choice between matchy and plain wipes, you can have a pack for the face and pack for the bum. 
  • You can use them too! They are great for removing makeup as well so you could stop buying cotton pads as well, another tick off the single-use plastic items list.
  • Happy bum happy planet! These reusable wipes are so versatile and using them instead of other single-use plastic items that end up in landfill means that you are also reducing your household waste.

It is a Pawfect time for you to join the reusable wipe gang. Throw on your Chimpantzees, grab your little Smellyphant, take to your Nappyfeet and come along and check out these fabulous little creatures in our new range of reusable wipes. Apologies for the puns, it has to be done!

Prices for TotsBots reusable wipes start at £8.50.

New bamboo reusable wipes from TotsBots