Nature Girl is off to school

Tagged in: Eco Family Parenting

From the moment she pulled on her wellies we knew Nature Girl was ready to join us in our mission to make the world a fluffier place to pee in! Her big brothers had both been TotsBots bummed in washable nappies and her mum had met director Fiona at the Baby Show when she was carrying her own little Pooper Hero snug in a Papoozle Baby Carrier.

From eco fluff to cool school stuff TotsBots has helped Nature Girl grow. Her first cloth nappy was the perfectly fitting Teenyfit Cherrylicious, and it was by following TotsBots on FaceBook that led to her modelling the gorgeous SweetPea Easyfit nappy when Rainbow prints were introduced. Who knew that Nature Girl's first job would lead to her mummy working in the TotsBots Social Media Team after helping spread a little nappiness at the Baby Show in Manchester.

Always keen to promote cloth nappies Nature Girl took her mission with Pooper Hero very seriously pulling on a Tee-Hee shirt whenever called to action! But like flowers, babies grow and after many a comfy night in her Bamboozle Stretch and wrap combo Nature Girl took to the water in our Swim Tots and potty trained with the aid of our Tots training pants. Now at the grand age of five she is off to school but her fave Easyfits are still being used, this time on her dolly and she still loves nature <3

Do you have a Nature Girl or Pooper Hero heading off to school this year?