Natural Cures for Nappy Rash

If you have chosen to use cloth nappies, the good thing it that you shouldn't  have to deal with nappy rash very often, though with sensitive baby skin and teething, most people still have to deal with it at one stage or another.

Many high street creams are not compatible with cloth nappies as the cream affects the nappies effectiveness, but there are some ways to help keep nappy rash at bay and hopefully avoid it altogether.

The best way to heal the skin is fresh air. We know it isn't always possible, but letting your baby have nappy free time as often as you can will help keep his skin soft and clear. For younger babies, letting them have a kick around on a towel before bath time isn't too difficult but for mobile tots, making the most of your back garden and letting them run around starkers is good for their behinds.

Some little ones are sensitive to one of the chemicals in baby wipes, so we would recommend reusable alternatives. You can choose whether to use a natural oil on them, a little bit of baby wash or even just water and the best thing is you save money and bin bags as they can be popped in the wash with your reusable nappies too! Try our TotsBots reusable wipes for a cost-effective alternative to disposables.

 There are a whole host of home remedies if you search on google, but coconut oil is one of those products that everyone seems to rave about. It can be used on mama and baby and is safe with reusable nappies (although we would recommend still using a liner).

If you think there may be a build up in your cloth nappies, then strip wash them first to see if it makes a difference to baby's skin. Our FAQ's tell you all about strip washing, or you can ring the lovely Lizzie on .0141 774 6437 to chat through it.

If you want to use a cream, then check whether it is suitable for cloth nappies. Our favourite here at TotsBots HQ is CJ's BUTTER, which is designed to be used with cloth nappies and should minimise any build up.

Make sure you change baby's nappy often, especially if skin is irritated.

Breastfed babies can be less likely to have nappy rash as breastmilk affects the acidity of their poo, and breastmilk can also be used to clean little bots as it has antibacterial properties, so make use of it if you can.

Share your tricks for treating nappy rash when using cloth nappies with your fellow cloth nappy mums and dads!