National Never Give Up day – Reusable nappies and climate change

Never Give Up Day - Reusable Nappies

Reusable Nappies: Don’t give up on climate change!
We’ve all witnessed the extreme environmental shifts climate change brings, in whatever corner of the world you may be in. It’s the topic of conversation on everyone’s lips and we all know we need to do more, to put in more effort than we are doing now. Whilst we wait for governments to make big changes, we’re all about small changes, on a human scale, which equal big results – think small but mighty!

TotsBots was born out of a love for the planet and if you’re worried too and feel like there isn’t anything you can do to help climate change, we’re here to tell you there is still time and it DOES make a difference. If everyone used just one reusable nappy a day instead of disposable nappies approximately 1,460 billion disposables nappies would be saved from going to landfill each year!! This demonstrates the enormous positive impact a small switch to reusable nappies can have on our planet and the environment.

Perhaps you know this already and have tried reusable nappies but have given up? That’s ok, Now is a great time to pick it back up. Today on National Never Give Up Day we're here to share some reasons why not giving up on reusable nappies is truly worth it for our planet.

Starting too early
There is no doubt that giving birth is the biggest physical undertaking and there is so much to learn whilst getting to know your baby. Add feeding, sleep deprivation and the emotions of becoming a parent and reusable nappies can easily go out the window. It can all be very overwhelming and starting too early can sometimes put people off, so give yourself a break and ease into it gently by starting cloth when your baby is a few months old. We recommend trying one a day and work up to full-time as you go. It’s never too late and you won’t regret it.

Getting the right fit.
Getting nappies to fit can sometimes be tricky during the newborn stage and can often result in leaks, especially if you have a teeny tot with little skinny legs. Don’t be disheartened, remember a snug fit can be achieved with a little trial and error. Our rule of thumb is check there are no gaps at the legs or around the back waist to prevent leaks. If the nappies don’t quite fit then come back to your reusable nappies a few weeks later, it is amazing how quickly babies grow! You’ve bought them already so it is worth picking them up to give them another go, you may be surprised at the fit once your baby has grown a bit.

Get in touch
Don't give up, reusable nappies are a great choice for your baby and our planet. Contact us via our webchat or give us a call if you want any help and support to get back on the fluffy nappy wagon! If you're starting out new, pick up one of our Trial Kits and give reusable nappies a go!

Never Give Up Day - Reusable Nappies