Natalia and Beth's reusable nappies story

Real Mum Natalia talks reusable nappies

Despite initial concerns that she could make reusable nappies work, Natalia is  a now a cloth convert and proud to be making a difference to the planet

Natalia brought beautiful Beth in back when we did our AW Elements photoshoot and her mum, who lives not far from our factory, popped along to say hi and have a cuddle with little Beth too – a granny’s prerogative! Originally local to Glasgow, Natalia now lives in Aberdeen, so it was lovely to see all three generations together and we had a good old chin wag about reusable nappies and how their perception differs between generations.

Here’s an overview of our catch up with Natalia…

How did you hear about reusable nappies?

I was pregnant when I decided that I wanted to give them a go. I just knew I didn’t want to throw all those disposable nappies in the bin, so I took to Google and did a few searches. I was a bit overwhelmed at all of the information and choices available, but a lovely local lady who runs a nappy library gave me a few to try. She said that was the best way to get started and here we are!

We asked Natalia’s mum what she thought when Natalia told her she was going to use reusable nappies and she said it made her reminisce about the terry nappies she used on Natalia. Things have definitely moved on from the days of safety pins and Natalia jokes that parents can no longer accidently stab their little ones trying to fasten nappies! She beamed that hook and loop fastenings are so easy and even her husband loves them.

What did you think when you first picked up a reusable nappy?

I just thought they were really lovely – so much nicer and softer than disposables.

We recommend getting a Trial Kit and seeing for yourself how beautifully soft and squishy TotsBots reusable nappies actually are. It was one of the greatest reactions ever experienced at a Baby Show – we’ll never forget the joy of a parent first picking up a TotsBots nappy. It makes what we do so much more rewarding. Maybe we should get a touch and feel feature on our website!

Did you have any doubts about using them as a new parent?

Oh yes! I’d say most people have doubts about a lot of things when they first become a parent! I had mainly had doubts that they wouldn’t work. That I’d maybe not manage the washing, or they would leak, but as soon as I tried them it wasn’t as scary or difficult as I first imagined. My advice would be to just do it and see for yourself how easy it is. There’s nothing to be scared of really.

Why did you choose TotsBots?

The Bamboozles came recommended for nighttime and I liked the prints. I just really liked that you were a local company too; made in the UK and your latest thing with using recycled fabric just helps reduce waste that bit further. It’s such a small change to make but it can make a huge impact. I love supporting a company who are actively making a difference.

This means so much as even right back when we first started 20 years ago, we were set on making a difference to the planet by reducing waste one nappy change at a time. It’s not a clever marketing campaign to gain eco-points, it’s just what we’re passionate about.

What’s your top advice about anyone who is reticent about trying reusable nappies?

I’ve started to preach a bit to anyone who will listen! The biggest thing is getting people to realise that it’s not as daunting as they might think. As a parent you’re going to be touching poo, pee and puke anyway so what’s the difference if you put it down the loo? It’s actually better than putting it in your kitchen bin. The big bonus is that your wheelie bin wont stink as a result! Oh, and you don’t actually put poo in your machine!

There is a huge misconception that you put your little one’s poo into the machine…you don’t, unless it’s breastfed poo - and then you can. Honestly, it’s not gross. Post weaning poo goes down the loo just like ours would and then you pop the wet nappy in a lidded bucket until wash day. It’s not messy and you don’t need to be Mary Poppins to fit it into your routine either.

What do other parents think when you talk to them about reusable nappies?

A lot of people listen, but they haven’t made the switch yet. If only they know how easy they are to use.

What’s your favourite thing about reusable nappies?

The prints are super cute, but I also like that they are soft and gentle for Beth’s sensitive skin. Apart from that, they save you money too. So, a few favourites - I just love them!

Natalia is making a difference to the planet after squashing her initial concerns of whether she could make reusable nappies work for her. The only way you’re going to know is to give it a go yourself. Doing a couple of extra washes per week is worth it for the cute prints, looking after your baby’s skin and doing your bit for the planet too. Bury your assumptions and pick up our reusable nappies Trial Kit today and give them a go!

Real Mum Natalia talks reusable nappies