Mother's Day TotsBots style..

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Mother’s Day has evolved so much over the last 30 years that it isn’t always the simple day it once was. Back in the eighties it was all about the homemade card and breakfast in bed, now there are gift guides, expensive wish lists and much higher expectations.

As the trend for each holiday to become more commercial and consumer driven only increases, we here at TotsBots HQ are trying to take it back to basics. That isn’t to say that a Papoozle isn’t a brilliant Mother’s Day gift of course, but what we really want is recognition for all that we do, cuddles on our terms and that breakfast in bed.

As mother’s day becomes more focused on ‘stuff’ rather than people, we want to share how it can be special without spending much money at all.

The homemade card is still the most important thing about the day for us. Whether your child is 6 months or 6 years then they can get arty (although the younger tots may need a little help). Understanding what they are doing and why they are saying thank you to Mama helps them appreciate it far more than anything chosen at the shop.

Breakfast in bed is vital. It doesn’t have to be anything instagram worthy, it just needs to be made with love and served with a hot cup of tea or coffee.

Presents don’t need to be expensive and the best ones are chosen by the children. A favourite chocolate bar is always welcome, something to do together, a bubble bath. These are the things we bought our mothers and they loved them just as we would.

Choosing something to do together is a great way to spend the day. Older children can help pamper mum by painting her nails and running her a bath, younger children can help plant seeds together, hold her hand on a nice walk or curl up with her for an afternoon snooze.

Partners that want to show how much mama is appreciated should get behind the camera for the day. It is often us mothers who end up taking all the pictures which mean we are rarely in them ourselves.  Make today about Mum and get some photos of her with the children. (Bonus points for any fluffy bums on show). They may not be used to being that side of the camera but they will appreciate it in the long run.

The best gifts are often homemade so if you have older children encouraging them to draw a picture, write a poem or even a short story as a great way of honouring Mum. Younger children can help bake her a special cake or pick her some flowers.

Mother’s Day can be a beautiful celebration of a woman’s commitment and love of her family without having to succumb to the commercialism of the high street and without costing much at all.