Cloth-bum baby models: Iris then and now

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Side by side of a baby crawling in a green cloth nappy in 2010 then grown up smiling at the camera in 2021

Turning 20 has us feeling all nostalgic! After flipping through our old photo albums, we reached out to our past baby models to see what they’re up to now.

This time, we’re catching up with Iris who modelled for us nearly a decade ago! 

Name: Iris 
Age: 11
Modelled: Rainbow Cotton Tots and Spread a Little Nappiness

Does your mum still have your nappies?
Yes, some of them.

Did you keep any for your teddies when you were little? 
I had a fluffy nappy on my doll.

Are you happy that your parents chose cloth nappies for you? 
Yes. Disposable nappies sound uncomfortable and bad for the planet like plastic straws.

What is your favourite thing? 
My favourite thing is art. When I leave school I want to go to Art College and then be an animator or artist.

Maybe one day Iris can join our amazing fleet of artists who help design the digital prints for our nappies?!

If you could change one thing in the world what would it be? 
I’d make everyone be nice to the trees and hug them — the trees not the people!

Do you do anything to help protect the planet? 
I’m an Eco Rep at school but haven’t been able to do much because of lockdown. I’m vegetarian too.

We love to hear how much the planet means to kids these days. It looks like there’s a whole generation of eco-warriors ready to help TotsBots battle waste for another 20 years!

If you could invent an eco-friendly gadget, what would it be? 
An eco-friendly pencil that never runs out.

Will you use cloth nappies if you have kids when you grow up? 
Yes because they are really soft. I think the paper ones will cost more in the long run because with cloth nappies you just have to wash them.

Thanks to her parents, waste-free champion Iris started her eco journey when she was just a bub. And it looks like she’s continuing to do her bit now that she can make her own eco choices. Amazing work, Iris! 



Side by side of a baby crawling in a green cloth nappy in 2010 then grown up smiling at the camera in 2021